GPS tracking for street cleaning fleets is one of the best gifts you can give your bottom line. When you use GPS fleet tracking for street sweepers, you save your business on fuel, labor, and time by creating more fuel efficient routes, eliminating double coverage, and keeping your sweepers on task for the duration of their shifts. It’s a win for your organization and provides essential services for your communities.

Big Picture Route Planning

GPS fleet tracking software is able to manage in seconds what would otherwise take weeks to properly plan. With so many changes in real estate, landscapes, and even roadways occurring in growing cities, it is always wise to consult GPS fleet tracking services before planning new areas to your street sweeping route. This can make sure that you’re not hitting some streets multiple times by multiple drivers while missing other key streets you’re responsible for.

This kind of big picture route planning is essential for making the most of your routes and getting the most from your drivers – in as little time as possible. It helps you save money on fuel, labor, and more; which increases your profits.

The other side of big picture route planning is that it allows you to factor in things like rush hour traffic to minimize frustrations when dealing with high-traffic areas while trying to clean the streets.

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Brake checking is a dangerous game for drivers to play on the road. Especially when they are playing it with your vehicles, equipment, cargo, reputation, and liability to fund their efforts. For those who have never heard the term “brake checking,” it refers to the act of hitting the brakes really hard to make the person behind you respond in kind. It seems innocent enough.

Unfortunately, we live in a distracted driving kind of world where it is very possible they’ll never see it coming, and a simple act designed to discourage tailgating results in an accident with injuries, or even deaths. Or it could be worse: a chain reaction of accidents that result in both.

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Finding the best fleet management software may not be that simple of a task when you’re on the outside looking in. Of course, no one wants to make costly mistakes that will keep on giving for a long time to come. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to help you buy with confidence when selecting management software for your fleet.

These are a few of the things you can do to know you’re getting the best software for your business needs. Make sure your software offers them.

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