GPS Tracking to Train and Track Hunting Dogs

29 Sep 2021

You likely know of using GPS tracking devices newly-minted teen drivers,  and fleet business trucks, but they are being used in MANY more ways, including being used in tracking hunting dogs as well.

Hunters are able to easily control their dogs with GPS technology that will track their dogs’ activity, location, and other pertinent data. Aside from tracking the hunting dogs’ whereabouts, hunters also benefit from understanding different escape routes.

A variety of breeds make excellent hunting dogs due to their inane sense of direction, instinct, and smell, including beagles and hounds. These and other breeds assist hunters and hobbyists with picking up the scent of animals to hunt and helping to lead hunters in the right direction.

These dogs pick up the trail and go ahead of the hunter until they have found what they’re looking for, followed by a signal to the hunter to follow them. However the barking can scare away the animal, thus lessening their chance of hunting it down. This is where GPS technology and an alert system comes in handy.

Another issue is that hunters lose track of their dogs when they run ahead and might lose track of the hunted animal as well, especially in forest areas with few trails. GPS devices not only let hunters track down their dogs whereabouts but also see the path the dogs went on to be able to find the animal’s scent that the dog was hunting.

GPS tracking devices are placed on the dog’s collar where it’s most comfortable for the dog but easy for the hunter to access. They are small, lightweight, durable, and also water-resistant. The newest GPS technology can track the hounds even in heavily wooded areas where the signal might be weak.

“The GPS system is unbelievable and is an advantage to us as dog hunters and for all other hunters on surrounding properties as well,” said hunter Joey Nicoll to the North Carolina Sportsman.

For dog owners, the GPS units wills end alerts sporadically throughout the day via email or text message. Hunters can choose how they receive alerts, as well as watching their own GPS unit while the dog goes to follow a scent or hunt a trail. Data is tracked and collected in real-time. This helps hunters find their dog and help find the prey easier, but also helps to keep their hounds safe while getting to them as soon as possible.

With the amount of money and time spent training dogs to properly hunt down animals and follow their scents, the GPS technology and tracking units are beneficial for a more successful hunting trip and assure the safety of the hound.

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