Hardwired GPS Tracking Vs. Plug and Play: What’s the Difference?

11 Jul 2017

The decision to invest in GPS tracking for your business is a wise investment in your business, but there is more to the choice than simply whether or not to make the purchase. You must also choose whether your business benefits best from a hardwired GPS tracking unit or a plug and play device. To do that, you must understand a few fundamental differences between the two.

Hardwired GPS Tracking Basics

Hardwired GPS devices have a few definite strengths to consider over plug and play devices. The first being that hardwired units are less susceptible to tampering. This means drivers can’t unplug or alter the data.

Other benefits include better accuracy, on average than plug and play devices, easy integration with other systems, not easily visible to thieves or drivers (covert), and low maintenance. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that you don’t have to worry about charging batteries – or failing to do so at critical times.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind as well, including the fact that they are generally more expensive than plug and play units, they must be installed by qualified professionals, and they are not easily portable from one vehicle to the next, like plug and play devices.

Plug and Play Benefits

One of the biggest benefits for using plug and play GPS tracking devices is their easy installation and removal. This means you can use the same unit in multiple vehicles if necessary or simply take the device out of vehicles when not in use. They generally ring up at a lower price point than hardwired units and smarter units come equipped with internal battery backups that notify you instantly if someone attempts to tamper with the device.

You should also take into account some of the potential negatives with plug and play devices, like more limited vehicle compatibility, the ease of bumping, dropping, or knocking the device around, and the fact that the devices themselves are fairly easy to disable or simply steal. Finally, plug and play devices are often less accurate than those that are hardwired and this can be a problem that affects the functionality of the devices as they relate to meeting your business needs.

While different businesses have different needs from their GPS tracking devices, the decision to invest in one is only half the battle. You must take the time to determine which type of device has the most to offer your business, too. Here our experts at LiveViewGPS can help you find the perfect GPS tracking device or devices for your business. Give us a call today. 1-888-544-0494

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