With the spread of COVID-19, more people are riding bikes to get around instead of other means of transportation like buses, subways, and ridesharing like Ubers. Some are likely trying to maintain social distancing, while others just want something to do to get them out of the house on a beautiful day.

Unfortunately, many of them are finding out the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a bike shortage.

Fear of public transit, fitness junkies not having access to their favorite gyms, and families bored out of their minds indoors and wanting to get outside for some fresh air and exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic have created this rapid increase in bike sales.

Since the virus swept across the country in March, consumers have been scrambling for bikes for exercise, transportation, and recreation. And, this resulted in a national bike shortage. Warehouses are empty so bicycles can’t be delivered.

And, because of the high demand for bikes out there, and the shortage of bikes in stores, it only makes sense that now people will have to start worrying about bike theft.

Preventing Bike Theft

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GPS Just Got a Boost

15 Jul 2020

GPS is technology that’s decades old. It began in 1978 with the first (NAVSTAR) or Navigation System with a Timing and Ranging satellite in orbit. Then 24 satellites covered the world by 1993 in a way allowing the satellites to triangulate distances and locations.

The space exploration company, SpaceX, that Elon Musk heads, has just provided a boost to satellite navigation.

In June, the company launched a Falcon 9 rocket during its initial U.S. Space Force mission. At 4:10pm Est time on June 30, 2020, the rocket took off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station from Space Launch Complex 40 in Florida.

A Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite was on board. For the new GPS III project, the mission sent the third satellite up. This is a huge upgrade to the constellation individuals use worldwide to find their way.

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Utah is tracking wildlife in real-time, which isn’t something many states are doing as of yet. Some of the captured data will be made available to the public through a new website launched Tuesday.

The Wildlife Migration Initiative program was started in 2017 by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to better track and study the different state wildlife and fish species’s migration patterns. Most of the data collected comes from GPS tracking devices the animals wear in forms of collars or from fish tagged with implanted transmitters. Fish tracking, at the moment, is only being conducted by Utah in the migration initiative.

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