According to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), four of every 10, tissue and donor organ transplants that occur each year involve living organs and tissues. While most organ or tissue donations of this type are from close friends and family, there are some people who gladly donate to help improve the lives of others. Did you know that there is a nationwide issue related to donated tissue and organs? One that renders many donated organs unusable for transplant. GPS tracking for live transplant organs and other organ donations could help prevent many of the lost organs and near misses that currently occur.

Lost Organs and the Effort to Prevent Them

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Transporting delicate, fragile, or high value goods can be tricky proposition without the right technology on your side. Once upon a time, it involved a wide range of stops and starts to check the juxtaposition of the high-value or delicate items. Now, there are tools and technology that can help you get more mileage from your efforts with certainty that your precious cargo arrives at its intended destination without getting lost in the transition.

Install GPS Tracking on Individual High-Value Items

Many trucks on the road today have GPS fleet tracking already installed. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily stop thefts that occur at truck stops or when trucks are caught in traffic, etc. Nor does it completely deter employee assisted theft of valuable items.

Install GPS tracking on the individual items, however, can greatly reduce the instances of theft and aid in the swift discovery of thieves while delivering real-time data about where these high-value items are located.

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GPS tracking for street cleaning fleets is one of the best gifts you can give your bottom line. When you use GPS fleet tracking for street sweepers, you save your business on fuel, labor, and time by creating more fuel efficient routes, eliminating double coverage, and keeping your sweepers on task for the duration of their shifts. It’s a win for your organization and provides essential services for your communities.

Big Picture Route Planning

GPS fleet tracking software is able to manage in seconds what would otherwise take weeks to properly plan. With so many changes in real estate, landscapes, and even roadways occurring in growing cities, it is always wise to consult GPS fleet tracking services before planning new areas to your street sweeping route. This can make sure that you’re not hitting some streets multiple times by multiple drivers while missing other key streets you’re responsible for.

This kind of big picture route planning is essential for making the most of your routes and getting the most from your drivers – in as little time as possible. It helps you save money on fuel, labor, and more; which increases your profits.

The other side of big picture route planning is that it allows you to factor in things like rush hour traffic to minimize frustrations when dealing with high-traffic areas while trying to clean the streets.

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