How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Help With Accident Investigation and Litigation

29 Dec 2021

You may have heard that GPS fleet tracking can help managers optimize driving routes, evade busy areas, and help monitor where drivers are in real-time, along with many other things. But did you know that GPS fleet tracking can help with accident investigation and litigation?

If you’ve driven down a freeway at least a handful of times, you know that car accidents are, unfortunately, not uncommon. While drunk driving may be the cause of many accidents on the road, it is not the only, and not the number one cause of car and truck accidents either. Instead, distracted driving is the main cause of car and truck accidents.

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is a catch-all term for anything that takes a driver’s attention away from the road. Distracted driving can be manual, cognitive, visual, or a combination of them. It can include smoking at the wheel, eating, applying makeup, and texting.

While your driver may not even be the cause of the accident, that does not mean that the driver responsible won’t pursue litigation and claim negligence on the part of your driver. Therefore, if this does happen, it is best to have as much evidence as possible on your side, to defend your company and your driver.

How Does GPS Fleet Tracking Help with Accident Investigation and Litigation? 

GPS fleet tracking can help your case by providing you with details about the accident. For example, GPS fleet tracking can provide crucial data to defend your driver including the truck’s speed at the point of accident, sharp cornering, braking, and more.

This information, also with other data including hazards on the road, the condition of the road, and what type of accident took place, can help in an accident investigation. These details are essential to figuring out whether or not your driver was responsible for the accident.

Driver Behavior

A GPS fleet tracking system can provide important data regarding the driver’s behavior. You’ll be able to look back and see the driver’s history and how safe or unsafe they’ve been on the road. You will be able to see how fast they’ve driven, how much they accelerate, brake, and take sharp turns. If your driver has a good history of driving safely, this provides you with valuable information for defense.

In addition to GPS fleet tracking, you’ll want to have a distracted driver policy. Employees should know and abide by these policies, and have repercussions if they fail to do so. They should know distracted driver laws in your state as well.

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