Thief Steals $40,000 of Band’s Equipment, Van and Instruments

15 Jan 2019

After their van and equipment was stolen, a central Indiana band was forced to stop working for the time being.

Daniel and David Deputy, two brothers, lead the band Blank Pages. Last October, the two brothers loaded their van and trailer up with lights, props, instruments and other equipment for the music video they were going to shoot.

They came outside on October 4, only to find all of it was gone, including the van. Once they check with their family, they came to the realization it was stolen and they called the police.

David, the band’s drummer, said the thieves got away with approximately $40,000 worth of stuff.

They then decided to do their own investigating. They went on eBay and found a speaker with the same serial number that was on their stolen speaker. They found their van on the west side of the city in the middle of October.

They contacted the police and had them confirm the van was indeed theirs.

Some of equipment and trailer, however, are still missing. All-in-all, the band reports through their GoFundMe page, thieves got away with 75 percent of their equipment.

According to Daniel, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, while they were thankfully ins that ured, they still took a big loss. He then went on to say they’ve been doing this their whole lives, starting in middle school when they started the band and it was tough on them for everything they’ve worked hard for to be stolen.

The band has performed throughout Canada and most of the continental U.S., but now, they’re forced to stay in Indiana until they can replace everything. A couple years ago, Blank Pages was on the road for several months straight — last year they had two separate tours, each a month long.

While they believe their insurance coverage will pay some of the losses, they started a GoFundMe in the hopes to get help from music supporters and fans so they can get back on the road as soon as possible.\

Getting the van back was a good start and it had some of the equipment inside it still. But, it wasn’t in good shape when they found it and now it’s being repaired at a local body shop.
“The ignition’s broke, the locks are broke, and the inside is trashed,” said David. “All the seats were taken out of the inside. It looked like a mess.”

According to David, the van is their home and the trailer is usually completely filled with their equipment and that’s how they got around.

If anyone has information on this case, they should contact IMPD.

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