AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety research shows new and inexperienced 16 to 17-year-old teen drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident than adults. When compared to the remainder of the year, the average number of fatal crashes involving teen drivers increases 15 percent from Memorial Day through Labor Day — the “100 Deadliest Days”. Over 1600 people died in teen driver-related crashes over the past five years during this deadly period.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s FARS data, the AAA Foundation analyzed, two primary factors affecting crashes include nighttime driving and speed. During the 100 Deadliest Days, for instance, one in 10 of all car nighttime crash deaths involved a teen driver., reports Automotive Fleet.

Speeding is another concern associated with new teen drivers and the increase in deadly crashes. Around 10 percent of all speed-related motor vehicle deaths involved a teen driver, the AAA Foundation’s analysis shows. Also, in cases where a deadly crash occurred with a teen behind the wheel, 29 percent of these cases were speed-related.

Distraction is another huge factor and contributes to almost six out of 10 teenage driver-related crashes. Using a smartphone and talking with other passengers were the top distractions for teen drivers.

Sixty percent of teenage drivers killed in a motor vehicle crash were not buckled up. Teens who use their seat belts significantly decrease their risk of being seriously injured or dying in a crash.

The reason why the summer months see an increase in teen crashes is because teenagers are out of school and behind the wheel, statistics show. AAA urges parents to help decrease this shocking trend of teen driver-related deadly crashes by becoming more involved and talking with their teenagers about the risks of dangerous driving behavior.

What Parents Can Do About Teen Driver Safety

Parents can begin by educating their teen drivers about how to be safe on the road and by practicing good driving behavior themselves like buckling up and staying off the phone.

GPS tracking for teens is also a helpful way of contributing to this safety since it alerts parents to risky driving behaviors like harsh braking, speeding, and aggressive driving. Parents can also set up boundary alerts to help ensure their teen doesn’t venture off into areas they’re unfamiliar with, which could increase their chances of having an accident.

Some example GPS vehicle tracking devices for parents with teen drivers, include:

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Set down some rules before you allow your teen to get behind the wheel. While your teen may think your rules are harsh or unnecessary, they will help keep them safe.

If you’re a parent of a soon-to-be or newly-minted teen driver and like to learn more GPS teen tracking, call us here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494.

GPS asset tracking for commercial dumpsters can be a key factor for improving and automating your business — especially when dealing with roll-on, roll-off containers. It’s about so much more than simply locating your dumpsters at any time. With GPS tracking and RFID, you can manage your entire business more effectively.

Reduce Paperwork

GPS tracking allows you to manage rental agreements and more without exchanging one slip of paper. Rental agreements can be signed electronically. Drop offs and collections can be monitored more efficiently to generate accurate billing and improve customer satisfaction.

More importantly, GPS tracking for assets with RFID provides more accurate information than relying on drivers to record, and actually deliver, the information accurately and in a timely manner.

GPS can even store historic data for you to use to generate reports based on the use of your commercial dumpsters and demand for your units, so you know when to consider increasing your supply.

Plan More Efficient Delivery Routes

This means your drivers can drop off and collect dumpsters more efficiently. Saving you fuel and reducing your labor costs. Drivers are one of your larger investments. Just imagine the boon for your business if each driver could work one or two more deliveries and/or collections into their daily routes.

GPS routing allows you to maximize the efficiency of each route so that fewer trips are wasted and more is accomplished each time your drivers leave your facility for deliveries and/or collections.

Automates the Dispatch Process

Your time is valuable. If you’re like many business, planning routes by hand, you may spend hours each day planning pickups and deliveries and adjusting routes to accommodate new orders or reprioritize existing orders. GPS software can manage the dispatch responsibilities for you, freeing up your time for more profitable pursuits on behalf of your business.

Create Geofencing Alerts

Additionally, you can establish geofencing alerts to notify you instantly if your dumpsters are moved from their current locations. This means you’ll learn of thefts, pranks, and other possible problems as they happen. Allowing you to track your dumpsters, in real time, and notify authorities of their locations to facilitate swifter recoveries.

GPS tracking obviously won’t solve all the problems your commercial dumpster business faces. But, it can be used to free up your valuable time and mental attention so you can come up with solutions for the other challenges your business faces. With that in mind, why haven’t you made the move to GPS asset tracking for your dumpsters?

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Tractor and equipment theft is a bigger problem than most people realize. Or that most dealers would care to admit. The equipment is expensive. Plus, it doesn’t present many challenges to being stolen in its own right. That means owners must take extra steps to protect their investments and prevent the theft of their tractors and other equipment. These are some steps you can take.

  1. Disconnect the battery. It’s a small thing that might take only a second or two to troubleshoot and solve, but because it isn’t something everyone is doing, it might be the difference in thieves moving on in hopes of finding an easier target.
  2. Install a battery disconnect that requires a key. Even more effective is to install a battery disconnect that requires a key to unlock. Most thieves are looking for targets that are fast to load and abscond with. This delay adds time to their efforts they aren’t looking for.
  3. Place a chain on the steering wheel or tire spokes. This serves as a physical deterrent as well as a physical one. When thieves see the chains they know it will not be an easy mark and may elect to move on to a different tractor or piece of equipment. For most thieves, the goal is an easy target. The more you can do to make your tractors and equipment look like a hassle the less likely you’ll be the target of their attention.
  4. Install a fuel line shut off. While this isn’t a visual deterrent for thieves, it is something they aren’t likely prepared for. Most thieves are prepared for things like fuses being removed and bring their own keys along for the ride. Fuel line shutoffs aren’t immediately visible but cause substantial delays in starting the equipment to drive it off that may encourage them to choose another mark.
  5. Install GPS tracking. GPS tracking for equipment, tractors, mowers, etc. may not prevent the theft from occurring. It does, however, greatly increase the odds that your equipment will be recovered intact. This is especially the case if you install real-time GPS tracking.
  6. Buy adequate insurance. Finally, regardless of all the precautions in the world, you cannot always prevent a determined thief or vandal. Your final action to protect your investment in tractors and other equipment is to purchase the appropriate insurance coverage to protect your asset.

You put a lot of blood, sweat, and perhaps a few tears into securing the right equipment to tackle your tough jobs. Protect that investment with the six steps above.

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