Technology for Seniors Aging in Place

19 Feb 2019

A hot topic today is “aging in place”, especially among baby boomers looking to maintain their independence.

While some seniors still invite the idea of flocking to warmer climates in smaller homes to ease into their late years, more are choosing to stay in place. In fact, according to a 2017 survey, 85 percent of 55 years or older homeowners didn’t plan on selling their homes in 2018.

Not all homes are set up to help seniors ease into the transition into their older years. Some major issues are:

  • Mobility
  • Declining sight
  • Declining hearing
  • Declining mental awareness

These can all affect a senior’s ease and safety of continuing to live in their home independently.

However, smart home technology is bringing a whole range of solutions to the table. Different sources of smart home technology all play a central role in supporting the main goal — keeping our seniors safe while maintaining meaningful interactions between them and their loved ones or caregivers. And, fortunately, today’s seniors have a considerable amount of technological knowledge and are comfortable in using technology.

Some smart home technology to help seniors age in place include:

Smart Lighting

Installing voice-activated controlled smart lighting provides active seniors with a bright home environment, while reducing energy costs. Smart lighting ensures different living areas are lit up brightly when in use and lights are turned off afterward.

Smart Beds

Beds now have the ability to raise and lower themselves, decreasing the effort needed to climb in and out of bed. This reduces joint stress and allows proper elevation of the legs or head. Many smart beds come with built-in controls for a radio or TV.

Smart Systems

Voice controlled phone systems and HVAC systems gets rid of the need of fiddling with dials or remembering to turn the AC or heat on.

Medication Reminder Dispensers

There can be serious health consequences if your elderly loved one:

  • Takes too many pills
  • Skips doses
  • Takes pills at the wrong time

Many seniors require multiple medications several times a day, which increases the risks of the above happening.

Digital medication reminder dispensers have the same appearance as a regular seven-day model, but lock and unlock medicine at appropriate times. These dispensers also flash a light or set off an alarm when it’s time to take medication or if the medication has already been taken.

GPS Elderly Location Tracking

GPS tracking devices help track things like:

  • Alzheimer’s wandering
  • Inactivity
  • Activity
  • Real-time health information
  • Falls in the house

Through GPS elderly location tracking, loved ones can now keep track of their elderly family members whether they’re at home, out for a walk or out playing golf.

If there’s a fall, they can easily push a button to alert family members and/or emergency responders.

There is wearable technology like watches that monitor seniors aging in place and allow loved ones to know where they are at all times. This technology can also alert 911 automatically if the senior has fallen, which can be life-saving.

Technology for aging in place is constantly evolving and as the population continues aging, these technologies are more important than ever.

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