What are Plug and Play GPS Tracking Devices?

25 Feb 2019

When it comes to GPS tracking devices for your vehicles, there are two primary types of devices: hardwired where you need a three-wire connection and plug and play (PNP) where you connect them right to the OBD-II port.

Any vehicle made after 1996 should come with an OBD-II port located usually near the steering wheel of the vehicle. The OBD-II port helps a mechanic or your car dealership to connect the computer of your car to clear engine codes or see what’s happening inside your car.

When using this port, you can easily plug the GPS tracking device directly into this plug and have the ability to track in less than a minute. This also saves on installation expenses and you can move it to another vehicle at any time. Once you install the plug and play GPS tracking device, you simply log into your tracking account and you’re ready to track.

Reasons to Use Plug and Play GPS Devices

There are several reasons why you’d want to install a GPS fleet tracking solution and each organization is different on their needs for the tracking device. Some reasons an organization would invest in GPS tracking is so they can locate their assets at any time, know where they’ve been and for how long.

Another reason would be to track and manage driver behavior. If you have a driver who is speeding, excessively idling or driving outside their scheduled zone, you’ll be notified immediately and you can deal with it right away.

Benefits of Plug and Play GPS Tracking Devices

Some benefits of PNP devices are:

Easily Self-Installed

There’s no need for hardwired connections and it’s very simple to install a PNP device into any vehicl with an OBD-II port. Once you plug it in, you’ll have immediate access to necessary data from your vehicles.

Engine Data

It’s easy and quick to review your fleet and figure out which vehicles require fuel and which vehicles are reporting engine alerts. You can see which drivers and vehicles are being driven more carelessly and/or aggressively.

Portable Between Vehicles

Since you can easily install the PNP GPS tracking device, it also means you can easily move the device between vehicles, making it convenient when you need to replace a vehicle within your fleet. You no longer have to plan for vehicle downtime in order to remove and install a tracking device from one vehicle to another. You simply unplug the PNP from the old vehicle and plug it into the new one.

Overall, plug and play GPS tracking devices are a breeze to install and don’t require a professional installer. They’re reliable sources of vehicle data and will help you manage your fleet effectively.

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