Even though the rate of thefts has dropped over the past years because of increased awareness and better technology, there are still some areas that are not so hot for you to park your vehicle.

California metropolitan areas, particularly the San Francisco Bay area, are the leading areas of auto theft in the nation, based on an insurance industry report. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there were over 29,000 vehicle thefts in the Oakland-Hayward-San Francisco metropolitan area the previous year. This meant that for every 100,000 residents, 633 cars were stolen.

There are four ‘layers of protection’ that are recommended by the NICB to guard against car theft:

Common Sense
Warning Device
Immobilizing Device
GPS Tracking Device

Common Sense

This approach is among the most cost-effective and easiest to prevent potential thieves. Basically, it’s removing your keys from the car’s ignition, locking your windows and doors, and parking in well-lit areas.

Warning Device

This next approach is placing some type of device in the car to alert thieves that your car is protected.  This can include devices such as audible alarms, brake locks, wheel locks, microdot marking, VIN etching or theft deterrent decals.

Immobilizing Device

This is a special device that prevents thieves from being able to bypass the ignition and hotwire your car. These include things like fuse cut-offs, smart keys, wireless ignition authentication and kill switches.

GPS Tracking Device

This GPS tracking device will emit a signal to the monitoring station or police in the event the car is stolen. These tracking devices help authorities recover the vehicle after its stolen. These tracking devices are important whether it is a personal vehicle stolen or part of a fleet business since they will alert the owner when the vehicle is moved and may be tracked through a computer.

Central and Northern California still continue to dominate the auto-theft Hot Spots report through NICB.  Written in the Insurance Journal are the 10 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the year 2014 that has the highest car theft rate were:

1.   Oakland-Hayward-San Francisco, California (Year 2014: 29,093; Year 2013: 29,326)
2.   Bakersfield, California (5,211; 6,267)
3.   Stockton-Lodi California (4,245; 4,245)
4.   Odessa, Texas (886; 764)
5.   Modesto, California (3,047; 3,565)
6.   Spokane/Spokane Valley, Washington (3,032; 3,205)
7.   Vallejo-Fairfield, California (2,414; 2,540)
8.   Seattle-Bellevue-Tacoma, Washington (20,268; 18,128)
9.   Fresno, California (5,260; 6,750)
10. San Jose-Santa Clara-Sunnyvale, California (10,531; 10,925)

It was no easy task to compile all the data, according to Director of Public Affairs, Frank Scafidi. Since there are often multiple towns in the MSAs, NICB staff had to carefully go through each one in order to find component police forces after which compute the total theft number for the MSA in a specific year.

The best way for drivers to prevent car theft is to remember to lock their windows and doors and when leaving their vehicles, take their keys with them. Also, follow the four ‘layers of protection’ above.

Insurance costs for fleets, large or small, can be an uncomfortable bill to pay. If you find that your insurance costs are rising faster than you’d like, there are steps you can take that will help you drive your insurance costs down without reducing the essential coverage and protection your fleet requires, like the five listed below.

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When you’re in the business of air duct cleaning, you sometimes have time-sensitive runs to make – especially when you’re gearing up for busy summer and winter seasons. GPS fleet tracking can help you keep track of your vehicles and so much more – even when business is booming. These are just a few of the ways your air duct cleaning company can benefit from GPS fleet tracking.

Cut Operating Expenses

By scheduling more efficient routes, monitoring your vehicles more carefully, and keeping your drivers on task and on target, you’re cutting costs – in bigger ways than you may realize. You’ll notice that not only are your fuel costs each month going down, but you can also reduce your insurance costs and your labor costs with effective GPS fleet tracking.

That doesn’t even take into account the long-term savings you can enjoy as a result of scheduling maintenance to decrease vehicle breakdowns and extend the life, fuel efficiency, and usefulness of your fleet vehicles.

Enjoy Greater Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers are repeat customers. How do you make them happy? In the service industry, you give them narrow service windows or appointment times and you show up to clean their air ducts when you say you will. GPS tracking allows you to provide more accurate time estimates and helps drivers avoid unnecessary delays that might otherwise delay their arrival.

It also helps you to make sure your drivers are where they’re supposed to be and not taking care of personal business on company time – business that would otherwise cause delays to the appointment schedule. GPS routing also ensures that no customers gets missed on your daily schedules which means you won’t have dissatisfied customers because of work orders or invoices getting lost in the shuffle, which can happen with traditional routing methods.

Allows You to Track Drivers More Effectively

Keeping your drivers on task and on target is difficult without GPS fleet tracking. You can’t follow them around all day to make sure they’re driving safely, not taking care of personal errands, going off-route, or earning a little extra on your dime (and in your vehicles during the day). GPS fleet tracking allows you to monitor all these things and more.

You can use GPS fleet tracking to notify you if air duct cleaning trucks make unexpected stops, detour from their prescribed routes, are operational after hours, and even if they engage in reckless driving activities such as speeding, hard braking, swerving, and aggressive actions like weaving in and out of traffic. These things can help you keep your drivers on their toes and under control – even when you’re not looking over their shoulders.

With so many ways to benefit from GPS fleet tracking the big question to ask yourself is why haven’t you used GPS tracking for your air duct cleaning business before now?

Here at LiveViewGPS, we can help answer that question and other questions about how your air duct cleaning company can benefit from GPS fleet tracking. Give us a call at 1-888-544-0494 today!

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