Authorities are becoming increasingly concerned about the whereabouts of one missing fisherman in Prince Gallitzin State Park. According to officials, the man has been reported missing since June 22.

That evening, a park ranger stumbled upon the 67-year-old man’s boat. The park ranger noticed the motorboat was running, but he couldn’t see anyone operating it. He decided to investigate. The ranger determined the boat was in neutral and the owner had vanished.

Police spoke with the boat owner’s family who told police that the victim didn’t know how to swim. They told police that he rarely wore a lifejacket, and authorities confirmed the boat had all life jackets onboard. Divers have now been enlisted to assist in a widespread search of the 1,635-acre lake.

To narrow down the last known positions of the man, police have utilized an onboard GPS navigational system. GPS tracking for boats is often used in devices like fish finders, so authorities were able to narrow down the exact route the missing man was taking before he went missing.

Unfortunately, investigators determined the man had traveled an extensive and vast area on the lake. They have focused their search around specific areas, but they have not yet found any sign of the missing fisherman.

The Christian Aid Ministry is assisting in the search and rescue effort. They have contributed a sonar device to help authorities scan the water in search for the victim. The Pennsylvania State Police have also assisted by searching the entire lake by helicopter. Other agencies assisting with the search include the Red Cross of Clearfield, K-9 search units, several firefighting units, water rescue services, the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Prince Gallitzin State Park Staff.

Experts concluded that the conditions of the lake and the weight of the victim may be contributing to the difficulty in locating the fisherman if he drowned in the lake. They determined it would take approximately seven to ten days before his body would resurface, so it’s highly likely that divers will continue searching the water for the next several days.

Teams are also scanning the shoreline for any evidence that the fisherman may have wandered off on land.

One of the most terrifying things in the world for parents to hand a teenager is a set of car keys. While it will never be easy to hand over the keys to your teen, the below tools for parents can help you teach your teen to be a better driver. That will give you a little more peace of mind when your newly-minted teen driver is on the road. Take a look!


Created by AAA, Keys2Drive is a guide to teen driver safety for you and your teen.  It offers you facts and information about teen driver safety and helps your show your teen what it takes to be a safer driver under your supervision. This means you’ll have greater confidence when your teen makes the transition to driving solo.

AAA StartSmart Online Session

This two-hour AAA StartSmart Online webinar is presented to parents in association with the AAA Keys2Drive program and discusses a wide range of useful information for nervous parents of new teen drivers or teens who are about to become drivers. The current rate for the webinar is $24.95 but the peace of mind it provides is priceless.

Driver ZED 3.0

Give your teen the experience of driving and dealing with a myriad of distractions without the risks of doing it on the road with the Driver ZED 3.0 virtual driving experience. This experience tests your teen’s ability to track what’s going on around him or her. The program comes equipped with more than 100 scenarios and allows teens to progress at their own paces.

Parent-Teen Driver Agreement

Driving is often your teen’s first venture into adulthood and making autonomous decisions. Prepare them for the other challenges of adulthood by creating a parent-teen driver agreement you both fill out together to promote safe and responsible driving by your teen and to reward your teen accordingly.

AAA provides you with a handy parent-teen driver agreement template to help you to create your this “contract”.

GPS Tracking

Ultimately, the next best thing to being in the car with your teen is having the ability to track your teen’s driving remotely. GPS teen tracking allows you to monitor your teen’s driving remotely and in real time. You can even receive text message alerts for certain driving behaviors, such as speeding, aggressive driving, or harsh braking, or driving beyond certain geographic boundaries.  Some systems even allow you to disable the car completely if your teen is displaying dangerous behavior behind the wheel.

While you can’t always go with your teen as they spread their wings and start to drive, these tools help you give them the knowledge they need to drive safely.

If you have a new teen driver in your family (or one that is about to become one), contact us here at LiveViewGPS to learn more about how GPS teen tracking can help provide you with peace of mind. Call us at 1-888-544-0494.

Fleet vehicles go through many extremes over the course of a year. Depending on your location and the routes your drivers take, you could be experiencing opposite ends of temperature extremes in the course of a few days. While cold weather certainly takes a toll on vehicle batteries, so does extreme heat.

You’ve probably heard by now, more than once, that cold weather can slow down your batteries making fleet vehicles slow to start during winter weather. What isn’t quite so common knowledge among the general public is how heat affects vehicle batteries and what you can do to prevent some of the worst damage.

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