John Deere is more than a brand. For many farms and businesses across the country, it’s what keeps their businesses going — and growing. Whether your business owns a single piece of John Deere equipment or an entire fleet of John Deere’s, you need GPS equipment tracking to protect your investment. These are just a few ways GPS can help you get more from your John Deere tractors and other equipment.

Track Location of Your Equipment

Your John Deere may be the life’s blood of your business. It’s certainly not something you invested in lightly. You chose the name because it’s one of the best in the business. Unfortunately, others share your opinion, which makes John Deere equipment popular targets for theft and mischief.

GPS equipment tracking allows you to create alerts that notify you via email or text message anytime your equipment leaves assigned geographic parameters or operates during designated sleep times. This means you’ll be the first to know if someone tries to take your equipment.

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Trail enthusiasts have long enjoyed timing themselves on various trails, recording their steps and sharing their achievements with other hikers. Today, technological advancements have made it even easier to track, record, document and share these incredible milestones with each other. Fastest Known Time is one site dedicated to sharing incredible achievements from around the globe.

Any hiker, runner or trail enthusiast is encouraged to join the website and participate in setting and achieving their goals. This website will help you document your journey and progress as you attempt to break world records. You can participate by visiting the sight, picking a trail you’d like to tackle, declaring your goal and then tracking your results. Participants are encouraged to utilize personal GPS tracking to document and verify their steps and times.

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently released guidelines to assist parents in choosing safe vehicles for teen drivers. In addition to the recommendations, for which vehicles meet their stringent standards, the IIHS also offered some guidelines for parents to consider when choosing vehicles their teens will drive, including the following:

  • Remove the temptation of abundant horsepower.
  • Choose vehicles that are larger and heavier for maximum safety.
  • Electronic stability control is a parent’s best friend when teens are behind the wheel.
  • Focus on safety ratings rather than gadgets and features.

The IIHS goes on to recommend parents choose vehicles carrying safety ratings of four or five stars, at a minimum, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Check for Recalls

The other thing you want to check for when choosing a vehicle for your teen driver is safety recall information. You should always check for outstanding recall information prior to buying a vehicle for your teen driver and then make sure you stay up-to-date with the variety of recall information.

Other Steps You Can Take for Safety’s Sake

As parents, these guidelines are great, and you want to do your part in buying a safer vehicle for your teen. There are other steps, though, you can take that will have an even larger impact on your teenager’s safety behind the wheel.

One of those things involves investing in GPS tracking for your teen’s vehicle. GPS tracking not only helps to locate your teen at all times – so you will know if your teen did not go to the intended location.

You can even set up text or email alerts to notify you if your teen’s car moves outside of designated sleep hours, moves past certain geographic barriers, drivers faster than certain speeds, or exhibits a variety of worrisome driving behaviors, like hard braking, swerving, etc.

You also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can find your teen quickly and efficiently, through GPS tracking, if the car breaks down or there is an accident and your teenager is unable to describe his or her exact location. There’s not a price you can put on that kind of comfort.

With the guidelines above for choosing the best vehicle for your teen driver and GPS tracking to help you get through some of the biggest fears of having a teen driver on your hand, this right of passage is going to be much easier on you than for many generations of parents before.

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