Aggressive driving is not the same thing as road rage. But, it can lead to problems of its own if allowed to continue unchecked. Among some of the more immediate problems for fleets are the following:

  • Damaging your organizational reputation.
  • Increasing traffic violations.
  • Heightened risk of accidents.
  • Higher insurance premiums.

Those costs can add up quickly meaning this is a problem you need to deal with promptly.

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Improving your fleet’s Compliance, Safety, & Accountability (CSA) score is a great way to reduce your insurance costs, improve your recruiting efforts, and boost your attractiveness to customers. In other words, you want a better CSA score. Doing these five things can make that happen.

  1. Hire Wisely

Not only is it important to hire drivers who have the right credentials for the type of driving you need, but you should also recruit drivers that meet the high standards you hope to create for your organization. Interview your drivers. Check references. Verify their credentials and safety records.

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In the quest for greater fuel economy for fleet vehicles, there is one problem, all fleets must address: JackRabbit Starts. These types of starts rob your vehicles of fuel efficiency that could be costing your organization plenty. While this is certainly true of all fleets, it is especially true of fleets that operate in areas where your drivers are doing a lot of stopping and starting. This could include any of the following:

  • In-town delivery services
  • Local route drivers
  • Large city drivers who face rush hour stops and starts

For the most part, JackRabbit starts are viewed as aggressive driving behavior. Not only do they cost your fleet a great deal in wasted fuel. They can also create negative associations for your business within the community.

What are JackRabbit Starts?

Essentially, JackRabbit starts occur when drivers push down hard on their accelerators, so they can shoot forward with speed. You see it all the time with frustrated drivers trying to be the first “out of the gate” when signal lights turn green. It is also widely used when speeding up to merge into Interstate traffic from on-ramps, when passing slow-moving vehicles, and when leaving areas of heavy congestion on the Interstate in rush hour traffic.

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