Sunday, February 4th was World Cancer Day and the month of February is National Cancer Prevention month. Below is an inspiring, heartfelt story of a man honoring children fighting cancer.

Rik Zortman was a grieving father who found salvation and inspiration in running after the death of his three-year-old son, Armstrong. Armstrong died of brain cancer. Zortman was never much of a runner before, but needed something to do to help him channel his grief.

So, he took up running, something three-year-old Armstrong had loved to do. Running helped him work his way through the grieving process, but also gave him a way to honor his son by mapping a route that spelled his son’s name using his GPS fitness tracker.

It didn’t take long for inspiration to strike and Zortman came up with a plan to spell the names of 100 other children who were living with cancer within a one month. With his efforts to honor children fighting cancer, he is able to continuously honor his son and deal with the grief that will never fully go away.

GPS tracking records every step Zortman takes on his runs, so he stops frequently to examine his GPS to ensure there are no mistakes in the route. Each name is as important to him as that of his own son. The list, which began with 100 names, has quickly grown to include well over 250.

In the weeks following Armstrong’s death, Zortman admits he went around in a dazed state, going through the motions of living. He was just consumed by grief.

When he decided to attend a 5k in the community to honor his son, inspiration struck and Zortman began running 5Ks and half marathons. He believes Armstrong is with him, in spirit, every time he runs and uses these runs as an opportunity to talk to the sun he loves so much.

At first, he was just posting his routes on Facebook when a comment from a friend gave him inspiration yet again. The friend commented that the routes looked so boring.

It was then that he decided to incorporate patterns into his running. He has spelled out the names of friends and other words, even proposed to his wife by running the letters and tracing the route via GPS.

It was during September, childhood cancer awareness month, that he decided to run a route that would spell his son’s name, eight years after his son’s death. He was so inspired by this that he asked for more names he could spell while running – of children who were currently battling cancer or who had lost their battles. These names came from near and far and serve as inspiration for the kids fighting cancer as well as the families who have lost children to this terrible disease.

Zortman continues to run claiming that he can’t stop running because these kids can’t stop fighting.


The brightly colored bicycles on Google’s Mountain View campus are a symbol of the company and its commitment to its employees. Intended to allow employees to easily move freely about the large complex, the bikes are supposed to be a company perk.

Lately, though, many people living in the community are viewing them as a symbol of a company failing to do enough to prevent their theft. Especially as more and more of these bicycles are being found dumped in Stevens Creek.

It is obvious that someone is stealing the bicycles and intentionally dumping them in the creek, though no one is sure why this is happening. How bad has the problem become?

According to 9to5Google, the bicycles are disappearing at a rate of between 100 and 250 per week. They have been spotted in a variety of locations over time, including local lawns, hotspot rooftops, and other locations.

The problem with bicycles landing in the creek was one that received the ire of many local residents who felt Google wasn’t taking the situation seriously or doing enough to prevent these thefts. The more bicycles began showing up in the creek bed the louder the voices of dissent became.

This led to Google tacking action in the form of installing GPS tracking devices on the bicycles. Doing this allows Google employees to recover the bicycles themselves, even if they are in a creek or river.

In addition to using GPS tracking technology, which has been highly beneficial in helping to recover stolen bicycles, the company is adding staff to help patrol for and pick up these missing bikes. In fact, Yahoo! Finance reported that Google hired 30 new contractors for the sole purpose of recovering these bicycles that were found in the community.

Another technology Google is testing to help secure these bicycles is installing locks that only Google employees can unlock using their mobile phones. It is the combination of the three that will net impressive results.

GPS tracking can help by establishing geofences and alerting staff members whenever the bicycles leave the campus – and by providing real-time location services to aid in their recovery. The locks will help prevent thefts in the first place, and a dedicated staff to retrieve the bikes will eliminate the “litter” problem the bikes are creating throughout the area.

Salt supply companies play critical roles in keeping city streets, neighborhood roads, homes, and businesses free of ice during the worst of winter weather. Of course, you do more than that. You ensure that water is softened, animals are fed, and food tastes wonderful in homes and restaurants across the country.

You play important roles in the lives of Americans every day. What you may not know, though, is that GPS fleet tracking can help your salt supply company accomplish more while spending less. These are just a few ways your salt supply business can benefit by using GPS fleet tracking.

Create Routes that Maximize Deliveries

The best way to improve your bottom line is to make more deliveries in less time. This helps to reduce your labor costs and saves your company big. More importantly, it means you may be able to operate with fewer vehicles on the road which can reduce your fuel and maintenance costs while leaving you plenty of room to add new customers your roster.

Automate Maintenance Scheduling

Maintenance is important for all trucks. There is no doubt about that. Salt trucks, though, may require a little more careful monitoring to ensure escaping salt isn’t doing undue damage to your vehicles. GPS fleet tracking systems can automate the scheduling of maintenance. It may not seem like that big of a deal at first glance, but this ensures that vehicles are getting proper maintenance and it takes that responsibility off someone else’s plate within your organization freeing up their time for more productive pursuits.

Prioritizing Routes During Critical Shortages

There have been winters in the past when the salt supply simply didn’t meet the demand of excessive winter weather. While these times are rare, they are also times when important decisions must be made about how to prioritize delivery of salt. GPS fleet tracking can do that for you – ensuring that critical routes and thoroughfares get the precious salt deliveries.

Reduce Insurance Rates

Through wind, sleet, and driving snow; salt deliveries must be made. Insurance companies understand this and are happy to charge accordingly. However, if you have GPS fleet tracking, they are also willing to extend substantial discounts to your fleet – up to 15 percent. They also understand that GPS tracking impacts how your drivers behave behind the wheel, increase the odds of recovering stolen vehicles, and provide accurate records of the event to provide as evidence if lawsuits arise as a result of an accident.

Your salt supply company has a lot to think about at all times of the year. GPS fleet tracking can help take some of those things off your plate, so you can focus on building bigger profits in every season.

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