Time has fallen back so to speak, and that means greater risks for people who are on the roads — especially those driving at night. If you’re a fleet owner, consider these tips for keeping your drivers safer on the roads as Daylight Saving Time comes to an end and the nights grow longer.

  1. Take the Opportunity to Check Vehicle Headlights

This is the perfect time each year to do a thorough cleaning and inspection of all fleet vehicle headlights. Additionally, you might consider offering your drivers training on how to properly use high and low beam lights for maximum safety and effectiveness.

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Technology is changing the world at a rapid pace. This includes the way modern school buses operate. These technological advances save school districts money, improve safety for all students on buses, and to allow students to study during the daily commute to and from school. These are some of the technological advances for modern school buses your school district may wish to consider.

Cameras (Inside and Outside)

Cameras pointed in and out of buses help to keep drivers and students on the straight and narrow. They also record events when accidents occur to help with investigations.

Cameras also help to prevent unthinkable accidents by requiring drivers to do one last pass through the entire bus to ensure all students are off the bus and that none are locked in hot or cold buses unattended throughout the school day or overnight.

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Aggressive driving is not the same thing as road rage. But, it can lead to problems of its own if allowed to continue unchecked. Among some of the more immediate problems for fleets are the following:

  • Damaging your organizational reputation.
  • Increasing traffic violations.
  • Heightened risk of accidents.
  • Higher insurance premiums.

Those costs can add up quickly meaning this is a problem you need to deal with promptly.

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