Using GPS Tracking to Keep Track of the 2019 Mileage Tax Deduction

10 Apr 2019

The IRS has increased the standard mileage rate by 3.5 cents per mile for 2019 over last year’s rates, making the new standard mileage rate $0.58. The increase is designed to address things like rising fuel and vehicle costs. While it doesn’t account for regional differences in prices and maintenance requirements, it does offer a little relief for fleets feeling the pinch of higher costs.

The rising costs go far beyond fuel, though. Other increased expenses fleets are facing in the challenging year ahead include:

  • Increased vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Rising vehicle costs (including increases in costs related to technological advances and safety features on new vehicles).
  • Higher insurance costs.

While you do have the option of tracking the actual costs of using your vehicles, this offers a simpler solution. Especially for larger fleets.

How Can GPS Tracking Help?

Keeping up with the mileage has been a struggle in the past. GPS tracking can make the entire process much easier for businesses. There are no receipts to keep. No concerns about missing or maintaining proper mileage logs and no chasing down drivers begging for their logs by the appropriate deadlines. More importantly, many drivers neglect to log their mileage accurately and the leaves your business paying unnecessary taxes.

Not only is GPS useful in tracking business mileage for the sake of fleets that have many drivers of company-owned vehicles. It also helps employees who drive their personal vehicles for business and meet the qualifications necessary for deductions by separating their personal and business miles. Doing this helps avoid any possible confusion with Uncle Sam when it comes to claiming deductions.

Real time GPS tracking offers benefits that go well beyond the basics of accurate record keeping for tax purposes. You can use your GPS system to help you create a more fuel efficient fleet which can save your organization even more money over time. Other benefits include:

  • Encouraging safer driver behaviors.
  • Reducing accidents for your fleet.
  • Improving maintenance compliance for your fleet.
  • Invoicing and billing customers more accurately.
  • Improving customer service and “on time” delivery of goods and services.
  • Reducing fuel costs.
  • Limiting preventable breakdowns.

The list could go on and on. The thing to remember is that using GPS tracking for all your fleet vehicles can help you keep track of 2019 mileage for bigger tax reductions and so much more. Try it today and see what a difference it makes for your business.

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