April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

8 Apr 2019

During the month of April, organizations all over get together with the same goal of encouraging everyone to safely reach their destination by driving with focus. This year, through the “Just Drive” campaign, sponsored by “Wheels,” Distracted Driving Awareness Month is putting safety first and distracted driving through text messages, friends under the influence and more in the back seat.

According to the National Safety Council 2016 statistics, as many as 40,000 individuals died on roadways in the U.S. This is a 6 percent increase from the year 2015 and 14 percent from 2014. In 53 years, it’s the most drastic two-year increase.

So, what can you do?

First, practice driving safely yourself. Turn your phone off while behind the wheel. Decrease your speed, wear your seat belt and pull over safely before you attend to crying children. And, always designate a sober driver.

 How to Observe Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Take the pledge!

Take the pledge to end distracted driving by staying focused behind the wheel.

What’s the pledge?

Your pledge will be to “Just Drive” for yours and others’ safety with who you share the roads with. Choose not to drive distracted.

Pledge to not:

  • Send text or Snapchats
  • Talk on the phone regardless if it’s hands-free, handheld or through Bluetooth
  • Send or check emails
  • Use your vehicle’s voice-to-text features through the dashboard system
  • Take film videos or selfies
  • Update Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram or other social media
  • Message or call someone you know is driving
  • Input GPS destinations while your vehicle is in motion

Protect your employees and organization by implementing employee education and workplace policies. Download your free online Safe Driving Kit to learn the facts and educate others.

The Safe Driving Kit provides resources for HR professionals and safety and includes materials to:

  • Influence and educate safe driving behaviors for reducing the risk of crashes
  • Build senior management support to implement policies

In the kit you’ll find:

  • Videos
  • Materials to share year-round with employees and to reinforce policies of your company
  • FAQs and fact sheets
  • Posters
  • Infographics
  • Survivor advocate stories
  • Myth busters
  • Ready-made communications for educating employees
  • Links to resources for safe driving
  • Activities to engage your employees


Join many other employers and organizations that have provided safe driving education by using the National Safety Council kit. Also, keep in mind, GPS tracking can help to deterring distracted driving in teens and employees.

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