Convincing management to hop on board with an investment like GPS fleet tracking can be difficult if you don’t know the sure path to success. Many in positions of upper management are reluctant to spend when spending isn’t necessary. For a decision such as this, you have to show them the money GPS fleet tracking can help your organization save and make in order to convince them.

These are a few things you can do to help get your upper management on board to invest in GPS tracking for your fleet.

Gather the Numbers

Management likes facts and figures. They like juicy data and numbers they can crunch. Come to them armed with the number of miles your vehicles travel in a year, the costs of fuel per gallon, and how much fuel your organization buys each year at current rates. Remind management of the many ways GPS fleet tracking can help your organization reduce fuel costs:

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You’ll find no shortage of information on things you can do, as a business, to protect your heavy equipment and assets. While there are few resources available to help you protect your investments in small and mid-sized (though rarely inexpensive) assets, this guide is made just for you.

Create an Organizational Policy Geared toward Theft Prevention

You’ve been taught for decades that prevention is the best cure. That remains true today as well. Create a written policy for your organization that identifies the steps to ensure your assets are properly protected from theft each day and enforce those policies.

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Preventable injuries sadly often result in death among both adults and children with autism. And, according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, those with autism are three times more likely to die because of injuries when compared with the general population.

Autism is a type of developmental disorder marked by challenges with communication and social skills and repetitive behaviors.

For kids with this developmental disability, there are more striking numbers — they’re 40 times more likely to sustain an injury that leads to death than the general child population. And, drowning is the leading fatal injury among autistic kids.

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