A hot topic today is “aging in place”, especially among baby boomers looking to maintain their independence.

While some seniors still invite the idea of flocking to warmer climates in smaller homes to ease into their late years, more are choosing to stay in place. In fact, according to a 2017 Realtor.com survey, 85 percent of 55 years or older homeowners didn’t plan on selling their homes in 2018.

Not all homes are set up to help seniors ease into the transition into their older years. Some major issues are:

  • Mobility
  • Declining sight
  • Declining hearing
  • Declining mental awareness

These can all affect a senior’s ease and safety of continuing to live in their home independently.

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Cornering. It’s a concept that eludes many drivers. Yet, it can be one of the hallmarks of safe drivers on the road today. The better your fleet drivers understand the fine art of cornering, so they can avoid hard cornering, the safer your fleet (and fleet vehicles) will be.

First off, there’s a difference between what some might call harsh cornering and reckless cornering. One implies intent and the other a lack of education about safe cornering practices. Unfortunately, the consequences of both can be bad for your business.

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Most businesses are constantly seeking new ways to improve customer service. You may not realize it, but GPS fleet tracking offers an impressive array of opportunities to improve customer service for your organization. These are just five ways you can use GPS fleet trackers to give your customers better experiences and outcomes.

  1. Offer More Reliable Delivery Windows

We live in a world where people have their days planned down to the “quarter hour.” The days of delivery sometimes on a given day are long gone if you want a steady stream of satisfied customers. Not only does GPS fleet tracking help you provide more accurate delivery estimates, often within a two-hour timeframe (which is far better than the 8-12-hour window of yesteryear). It also helps to route more efficiently so you can stick to your delivery estimates.

  1. Reduce Expenses So You Can Lower Costs

One of the biggest benefits of GPS fleet tracking your customers are sure to love is your ability to pass along additional savings to them. The fact that you can effectively cut your labor and fuel expenses with the use of GPS fleet tracking gives you plenty of room to work with for creating lower fees for customers.

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