Far too many businesses are decidedly one-dimensional when it comes to considering the benefits of GPS fleet tracking. They believe it is only about reducing fuel costs or planning better routes. There is so much more to it than that and failing to adopt it quickly enough could have dire consequences for your business. These are just five quick consequences of late GPS fleet tracking adoption for businesses, just like yours.

  1. Your Competitors Adopt It First

One thing you never want to do, as a business, is give your competitors and edge over your organization. However, failing to adopt GPS fleet tracking until after your competitors have gives them a decided advantage over your business that manifests in the following ways:

  • Greater organizational efficiency for your competition.
  • Fewer hours wasted searching for and securing proper documents and records.
  • More streamlined dispatch process.
  • Improved customer service and customer satisfaction.
  • Less downtime due to accidents and breakdowns.

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Are you just getting started with your dog walking business and searching for opportunities to help you grow your reputation? Look no further than GPS tracking for dog walkers.

Really! It’s a great way to let dog owners know you’re handling their puppies responsibly and that their dogs are getting the exercise they require. More importantly for you, it’s a beautiful way to gain referrals that help you grow your business. These are just a few reasons why GPS tracking can make you the King or Queen of dog walking in your community.

Owners Can Follow Along

That is more important than you realize. With GPS tracking you can show dog owners the exact route you’ve taken with their pets allowing them to follow along from their mobile devices, laptops, etc.

Why does that matter?

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Dementia is an illness affecting 50 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. At early stages of the disease, many people dismiss symptoms as mere forgetfulness and something altogether harmless. Early recognition of dementia symptoms can be instrumental in acting to delay the progression of the disease and maintain independence as long as possible for those who have dementia.

Early Signs of Dementia

In its earliest stages, symptoms of dementia are generally recognized as forgetfulness. Not just forgetting things like names and dates. Forgetting faces. Forgetting words. Getting lost in places that should be familiar. Short-term memory is usually the most profoundly impacted in early stages while long-term memories, for now, remain intact.

Many people hide the symptoms well. Sometimes as a result of denial and at other times out of a need to appear in command so they can maintain their independence longer. If you’re not around a loved one who may be in the early stages of dementia you may notice other changes, like the following:

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