GPS Tracking for Cable and Telecom Companies

21 Jan 2020

GPS fleet tracking plays an important role in helping cable and telecom companies keep the lines of communication and information open for all their customers. Whether it is access to high-speed Internet or the latest news or reality television programming your customers seek, GPS tracking for your service vehicle fleet helps you improve customer service, create more accurate appointment windows, and ensure your technicians are following prescribed routes and keeping accurate timelines.

These are just a few of the many ways GPS tracking can help your cable and telecom company operate more efficiently.

Eliminate Time Theft

Once upon a time, workers who operated out of sight never thought twice about running personal errands or taking longer than approved breaks on the company dime. Many felt that as long as they completed the jobs on their lists for the day it didn’t really matter if they took care of personal errands here and there along the way.

The problem is, that those personal errands factored into unnecessary overtime and the occasional missed customer – costing the company money and reputation in the process. GPS tracking allows you to track every stop, start, and turn your drivers make so you can find out, instantly why drivers deviated from their routes or made unexpected pit stops.

Ensure Technicians are at the Right Address

The last thing you want to do is connect or, maybe even worse, disconnect service at the wrong address. GPS tracking can help ensure you’re getting the correct property when you conduct these services so that you don’t face the problem a Detroit contractor did when he demolished the wrong home. While not quite as egregious as demolishing the wrong home, it is still a problem when you service the wrong home for cable, Internet, or other vital services.

Keep Tabs on Driver Behaviors

Chances are good that your service vehicles have your name written all over them, which means your drivers are carrying your reputation with them with every move they make on the roadways. You can make sure they’re telling the story you want them to with GPS tracking that notifies you when drivers speed, hard brake, or display potentially aggressive actions behind the wheel. Not only does this help you guarantee the safety of other drivers on the road, but it also helps you protect your reputation as a company.

For all these reasons and many more, GPS fleet tracking for your cable and telecom business can help you far beyond simply conserving fuel and planning more efficient routes.

If you manage a cable and telecom fleet, and have questions about our GPS tracking solutions, give us a call at 1-888-544-0494.

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