Keep Your Aging Parents Safe With Our Tracking System

11 Aug 2010

An increasing concern for many people is the safety of their aging parents.  You want to make sure they are safe when you aren’t around, especially when they are out driving.  Older people still want to be active, you need piece of mind and make sure they are safe.

One way to solve this problem is with our GPS Tracking system.  Our portable system is small enough they can carry it with them or we have a model you can hardwire into a car and you can see where they are anytime, day or night. Using our Geo-Fence Alert, you can receive text messages alerting you when the device enters a certain geographic area you define. You can also keep track of how fast they are driving to make sure they are driving safely to prevent an accident.

Our tracking devices are essential for people suffering from dementia or Alzheimers.  Since this segment of the population tends to forget very quickly where they are or become disoriented, you can easily locate where they are on our mapping system and help guide them home.  It takes a lot of stress and pressure off the rest of the family knowing you can monitor them any time of day.  With our new iPhone App you can monitor them 24 hours a day right from your iPhone.

Visit our website to see all the options available or call us at 888-544-0494 to find the perfect solution for you and lower your stress levels today.

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