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28 May 2019

GPS tracking can be confusing for those seeking to test the waters. Whether you’re a business or individual, the Flash Trac is one of three LiveViewGPS matrix platforms offered by LiveViewGPS. This one rings in at the lowest price point while still offering an impressive selection of features.

What Is the LiveViewGPS Flash Trac Platform?

Business and individuals seeking affordable GPS tracking solutions will find a lot to love about the LiveViewGPS Flash Trac Platform. This platform offers the convenience of month-to-month service, meaning no contracts required, for a flat-rate unlimited usage tracking system.

LiveViewGPS Flash Trac Benefits

Enjoy many great benefits for your business or personal tracking needs with the Flash Trac platform, including:

  • Real-time alerts sent via email or text message.
  • Flash reviews to get the vehicle history.
  • Speed alerts.
  • Detailed activity reports.

You can even get a no obligation test drive of the Flash Trac platform if you’re not sure it’s the right choice for you.

GPS is about so much more than locating vehicles. It can help you track cargo, keep you connected with loved ones, and even help you make sure no one is leaving work with key assets or equipment.

Who is the LiveViewGPS Flash Trac Platform For?

The Flash Trac platform is best for budget-conscious businesses and consumers who believe they need the benefits of GPS tracking for cutting costs, tracking goods or people, and protecting your assets.

Devices that Work with the LiveViewGPS Flash Trac Platform

There are two devices designed specifically to work with the Flash Trac Platform from LiveViewGPS. They include:

  1. Flash Trac OBD. This device is a plug and play device that plugs directly into OBD port of vehicles. It offers a variety of features to help you track drivers and monitor behavior behind the wheel, including alerts that let you know the device is being tampered with if drivers attempt to remove it.
  2. Flash Trac HW. Hardwired device that tracks vehicle movements every 60 seconds and at every turn when the vehicle ignition is on and every 60 minutes when the ignition is off. It also provides an accurate vehicle history, so you have a complete picture of the route your vehicles take.

The LiveView GPS system is all about putting you in control of your vehicles even when you’re not in the vehicle with your drivers. Flash Trac is an affordable alternative to the other platforms in the matrix that offers fewer features but is quite robust on its own. Especially at the lower monthly cost and the added benefit of no contracts.

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