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Flash Trac® Hardwired GPS Tracker

$14.95 month, No Contracts!

The Flash Trac® HW is a feature packed state-of-the-art hardwired GPS tracker that uses both GPS (US) and GLONASS (RUSSIAN) satellites for accurate pin-point position fixes and reliable trouble free operation.

Location Updates

Every 60 seconds, at Every Turn, Every 60 minutes when ignition is off. Plus, view vehicle history, see where it has been and view all routes drivien.

Detect & Control

Identify poor driving behavior, impact events, unlock doors, disable starter, detects low battery, main power loss, monitor external motor, lights, switch statuses and alarm states (on/off), plus get over 17 vehicle related vehicle alert notifications!

  • Proven & Tested GPS Tracker
  • 3D Accelerometer - Detects Harsh Driving Behavior
  • Internal Battery-Backup
  • 2 Inputs/2 Outputs
  • Works In The US, Canada & Mexico
The Flash HW operates on the simple and easy to use LiveViewGPS Flash Trac platform. You'll get one minute position updates, historical views, hi-resolution satellite mapping, geo-fences, harsh driving alerts, posted speed alerts and more for only $14.95 per month.

The Flash HW is installed under the dash of your car, out of sight and undetectable. Looking for Professional GPS Installation? LiveViewGPS maintains a list of qualified installers across the United States,please call us at 1-888-544-0494 for more info.

Why Buy A Hardwired GPS Tracker

  • Maintenance Free - No Batteries To Recharge
  • Covert - No One Knows Its There
  • Alerts If Vehicle Battery Low Or Disconnected
  • View Real-Time Vehicle Location
  • View Ignition Status - On/Off

Never lose position data.  This GPS tracker is equipped with a store and forward feature.  If your vehicle leaves a covered area the device will store and forward data once it returns to coverage.

Additional device features include a 3D accelerometer.  This internal device is able to detect a driver who has a “lead” foot (accelerations), hard-braking, and hard cornering.  Basically if your driving poorly the Flash Trac HW can detect it.  As an added bonus, the Flash Trac HW can even tell if your car is getting towed!
  • Includes Internal Battery Back-Up
  • 3D Accelerometer - Detects Bad Driving Behavior
This GPS tracker also Includes an internal back-up battery, which alerts to tampering (if you main vehicle power is disconnected), as well as vehicle low voltage (battery going dead), and more.  

The Flash Trac® HW is Perfect For:

  • Vehicle Tracking For Your Business
  • Teen Drivers
  • Elderly Drivers
  • Family Members For Peace Of Mind
  • Vehicle Theft Locate & Recovery
  • Vehicle Security and Safety

Web Based GPS Tracking

The Flash Trac® HW interfaces with the Flash Trac® Web Based Tracking Portal, which is a user-friendly application that is accessible from any internet connected computer or mobile device.
You'll get real-time tracking and a multitude of alerts for speed, landmarks, tampering and vehicle voltage, as well as a historical view. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included with every purchase, as well as month to month service.  

Low pricing make the Flash Trac HW an affordable gps tracker for anyone in need of reliable gps tracking.
  • Updates Every 1 Minute - $14.95 per month
  • Feature Packed
  • No Long Contracts - Service Is Month to Month
  • No Risk Money Back Guarantee

Fully Feature GPS Tracking System

The Flash Trac® system is a fully featured integrated gps tracking platform perfect for basic fleet and personal vehicle tracking. The Flash Trac HW is effortless to use, intuitive and very user friendly.  View locations from any mobile connected device.  See current vehicle location, see where vehicle has been.  
  • Real-Time GPS Tracker
  • Real-Time Alerts: Speed, Landmarks, Battery & More
  • Historical View
  • Intuitive Easy To Use Interface

Where Does The Flash Trac® HW Work:

All of North America!  The United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico, $14.95 per month per device.

Fast Free Shipping

All Flash Trac® HW gps trackers ship for free via FedEx ground the same business day ordered.

Still Have Questions?

Call Us 1-888-544-0494 toll free, direct at 661-294-6805, M-F 7 am - 5 pm PST.

Customer Product Reviews:

November 7, 2016 by Chris F.
This was exactly what my business needed. We had a new employee in a company car that we weren't getting any production out of. We decided to put a tracker in the car and it immediately confirmed our suspicions. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
October 15, 2016 by Rick A
We had a GPS system in our autos five years ago. Went back to the same companies website. What a lazy website, no costs, plans etc. So we called them up, they said they would have someone call us back. Well, we knew nobody calls you back :). So, immediately found your site. Website gives the consumer choices right there and doesn't have to call. Sales person was beyond help. Service has been great, and yes the product works just fine every time. Thanks for everything...Been telling many others of this fantastic company.
September 7, 2016 by Jessica B.
So far so good! We have not been using the GPS's very long and we are still learning the system but everything is going well.
June 29, 2016 by Carlton S.
I am quite happy with the performance of the Flash Trac HW.
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