Heavy Machinery Stolen from Roadway Construction Site

28 Aug 2017

Investigators in Tennessee are on the lookout for would-be crooks who just might be trying to blend in with the rest of the crew in the construction environment.

According to Chattanooga police, a skid steer, which looks similar to a miniature bulldozer or Bobcat, was taken by thieves from a construction site.

However, it’s how the neighbors described the way the robbing crews were dressing that could be more frightening.

The neighbors, who Officer Tetzel Tillery and other officials spoke to, said it appeared as though the thieves were potentially posing as the construction crew. They loaded the truck up with the heavy equipment and simply drove off. And, according to Tillery, it’s not surprising since a great deal of construction fills the area at the moment.

A truck was reported stolen by Chattanooga Public Works back in May, although recovered shortly after. At the scene of the theft, construction crews said they’ve heard of thieves dressing up as official workers before.

“They’ll put their hard hats on and their safety vests on, pull up in the middle of the day, left as up a piece of equipment and just take them from with it,” Shawn Gilchrist with Thomas Brothers Construction said.

The neighbors are saying the same thing to police as well.

Some neighbors told police they did see a large white truck after hearing a large noise and thought it was just the crew out there working, said Officer Tillery said.

For construction crews like the one Gilchrist is with, this could become a huge problem.

He did mention that they had insurance on the machine, but, they’ve only been working on the 9 month Greenway project for only a couple of months. Another thing he mentioned is GPS tracking for equipment, which is a way to stop these crooks.

Gilchrist said that anyone who is doing construction and owns a piece of equipment that they have to leave on-site, GPS tracking for powered assets and heavy equipment is highly recommended.

Also, if anyone lives on a street where construction is in the works, Chattanooga police would like them to keep an eye out. If they see something suspicious, give the police a call. According to Officer Tillery, “that’s all they have to do.” It’s always been the tried-and-true formula.



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