GPS Tracking for Your UTV

31 May 2017

Whether you call it a utility task vehicle or a utility terrain vehicle, your UTV is an investment in your business or your entertainment.  While UTVs are different than many ATVs, they have the same versatility that make ATVs such a great investment, plus a few extras, like steering wheels, pedals for braking and acceleration and safety features like seatbelts and rollover protection in many varieties. Many also offer side by seating for passengers in front and in the back.

The utility task vehicle is literally transforming the way people view their ATVs. Some of the newer models are built for performance and used in racing. The fact that more people can ride in one UTV makes it a great family recreational and utility vehicle. UTVs can be sheer recreational vehicles, but they are also incredibly useful on farms and golf courses as well as by hunters. These valuable vehicles also make attractive targets for thieves.

Protecting Your UTV from Theft

Prevention is always the best cure when it comes to UTV theft. Unfortunately, you cannot watch over and protect your UTV from theft 24/7. There are some things you can do that will make it a less attractive target when not in use, however, like locking it up inside a garage or utility building, storing it on gated property with limited access, and chaining your UTV to a tree or camper when you are away from home. Just make sure you use a high-quality chain and run it through the frame rather than through a tire. One tire, can be easily removed – defeating the purpose.

Using GPS Tracking for Your UTV

If your UTV is stolen, GPS tracking can help you quickly locate your UTV increasing the odds of recovery exponentially. Not only can you set GPS tracking to locate your utility task vehicle once you recognize the theft, but you can also create alerts to notify you whenever your UTV leaves a specific geographic range. This allows you to identify the theft quickly so you can alert the authorities promptly.

One other consideration for GPS tracking with UTVs is that you can track your travel route and share them with friends and family. Perhaps you’re planning to meet up along the way and make camp. It’s a great way to do just that. You can even share your UTV adventures with those left behind.

GPS tracking is about more than about helping to conserve fuel. The above are just a few small ways you can enhance your UTV experience with GPS tracking.

Do you own an UTV? If so, have you considered getting a GPS tracking device for your UTV? Call us here at LiveView GPS at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more.

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