GPS Tracking Used in Truck Accident Litigation

14 Jun 2018

Accident litigation is big business for hungry attorneys interested in making a fast dollar at the expense of honest, hardworking businesses like yours. GPS fleet tracking can be your first line of defense against over-eager attorneys looking to play on sympathetic juries and cash out big paydays for their clients from which they can take home half or better. These are just a few ways GPS fleet tracking can help you mount a vigorous defense in truck accident litigation.

Verify the Number of Hours Driver Had Behind the Wheel

It’s difficult to argue with GPS when it comes to logging the number of miles driven by a driver and the hours it took to drive those miles. Because GPS fleet tracking offers real-time tracking, it keeps a record of the time, location, speeds, and distances traveled in a day.

In court, this provides invaluable evidence that your driver was not in violation of any regulations (state or federal) related to the number of hours spent behind the wheel.

Provides Details about the Accident

In many ways, GPS fleet tracking can act like a black box, of sorts, for trucks. While it doesn’t give details about the mechanical nature of the truck at the time of the accident it does provide important details about the speed at which the truck was traveling, the amount of time it took the truck to respond and begin to slow, as well as the amount of time it took for the truck to come to a complete stop.

There will be other relevant information, such as road conditions, hazards on the road, and the nature of the accident itself that play into where and how fault is assigned, but these details are important for determining whether the driver may have contributed to the accident or made every reasonable effort to avoid or prevent the accident from taking place.

Offer History of Driver Behavior in the Moments Before the Accident

If your driver was swerving, driving aggressively, speeding, or otherwise driving in patterns that indicate distracted or impaired driving leading up to the accident it could be brutal evidence in court.

For the most part, though, drivers are honest, hard-working men and women who are doing their jobs when someone attempts to instigate accidents in hopes of a lottery by lawsuit or genuine accidents occur. GPS fleet tracking indicates when drivers are behaving appropriately behind the wheel as well and that is telling in court, too.

GPS fleet tracking can’t win the case for you, but it may provide enough facts to sway juries to explore the facts of tragic accidents rather than rule on the emotion of the losses and damages that often occur when large trucks meet smaller vehicles on the road.

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