GPS Tracking for Outside Sales Fleets

5 Feb 2019

Your outside sales fleet can be the life blood of your business. They are the movers and shakers that get people excited to buy and use the products or services you create and offer. They can also be a huge drain on your business if you don’t watch what they’re doing day after day carefully. These are just a few ways your business can benefit by using GPS tracking for outside sales fleets.

Protect Routes

Regardless of your promise to protect routes for your sales professionals, sometimes, aggressive members of your team will cross lines to seal the deal. You can help prevent this from happening by protecting territories with GPS tracking that alerts you when drivers are straying from their assigned routes.

Learn Where Your Reps are Spending their Most Time

Sometimes it is specific customers that require the greatest time and effort and at other times, it’s a matter of sale staff taking care of other business on company time. Either way, you can use GPS to learn where your team members are spending the bulk of their time outside the office and how well it benefits your overall business plan for them to do so.

In other words, you can find out if you’re getting sufficient ROI from time-consuming customers or if it might be better to cut your losses and move on to more profitable/less time consuming choices. You may even decide that it might be better to choose a different rep to service some routes based on time expenditures.

Help Staff Manage Time More Wisely

As a continuation of the previous benefit, this one deserves its own designation. Your sales staff makes money based on the number of sales they make and the customers they service. The ability to help them manage their time with customers (and between customers) more efficiently helps them, and as a result, your business, make more money.

Verify Mileage

Mileage accountability is important for your business and for your taxes. Uncle Sam is a stickler for the details, and you can use GPS fleet tracking to create a precise record of the mileage your sales staff drove for the sake of reimbursement, corporate policies, and more.

GPS fleet tracking offers other benefits to your outside sales fleet as well, such as more efficient fuel economy, improved vehicle maintenance scheduling, and a faster response when emergencies arise. There are few ways your business can’t benefit with the addition of GPS fleet tracking for your outside sales staff.

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