GPS Tracking for Road Repair and Maintenance Fleets

2 Apr 2018

Road repair and maintenance fleets have big roles to play in keeping roads safe for neighborhoods, municipalities, communities, and states.

Whether you are repairing potholes after a long, harsh winter or conducting road surface treatments, repairing cracks in roads, or maintaining the nations highways and byways; GPS tracking can help you repair and maintain roads more efficiently and cost effectively.

These are just a few benefits GPS tracking has to offer your road repair organization.

Keeps Repair Teams on Track and on Time

GPS fleet tracking helps you motivate your team to stay on task and on target when repairing roads. Because you can track their progress throughout the day without interrupting your routine, via GPS tracking on your laptop or tablet device, you can quickly discern if a team is falling behind schedule so you can find out what the problem seems to be.

You can even set up alerts that will notify you if any of your teams leave their worksites or deviate from their prescribed routes. In other words, it allows you to watch over their shoulders even when you can’t be there to do just that.

Monitors Vehicle and Equipment Usage

Sometimes in the course of your business you will wonder if the investment you make in certain pieces of equipment is worth the price you pay. Using GPS tracking to monitor how much use certain pieces of equipment receive allows you to reconsider whether it will be more beneficial to your business to purchase said equipment in the future or consider leasing it for future projects or seasons.

Improves Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicles and equipment is essential to keeping your road crews doing their jobs effectively.

Not only does it help keep your equipment operating with maximum efficiency, which saves money, it also helps to avoid costly breakdowns that are expensive to repair and slow progress on road repairs. GPS fleet management systems can help you schedule your repairs to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Manages Hectic Schedules During Busy Months

Spring and summer are busy times of year for road repair and maintenance businesses. With plenty of potholes and damage from winter to repair and a limited amount of time to make those repairs, GPS fleet tracking can help you plan routes that maximize efficiency and results.

Don’t think your road repair and maintenance organization needs GPS tracking? Think again. These are just a few great benefits it has to offer.

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