Use GPS Tracking to Record Your Fastest Known Time (FKT)

11 Jun 2018

Trail enthusiasts have long enjoyed timing themselves on various trails, recording their steps and sharing their achievements with other hikers. Today, technological advancements have made it even easier to track, record, document and share these incredible milestones with each other. Fastest Known Time is one site dedicated to sharing incredible achievements from around the globe.

Any hiker, runner or trail enthusiast is encouraged to join the website and participate in setting and achieving their goals. This website will help you document your journey and progress as you attempt to break world records. You can participate by visiting the sight, picking a trail you’d like to tackle, declaring your goal and then tracking your results. Participants are encouraged to utilize personal GPS tracking to document and verify their steps and times.

GPS tracking for hiking works when the user activates the device. Some trail blazers choose to wear their GPS devices on their bodies, and others leave their GPS devices in their backpacks. Runners can utilize GPS phone apps, watches or specific devices. These signals are transmitted every few seconds or minutes, and they record how far you traveled and how quickly you completed the trail.

Fastest Known Time also suggests that you take photos along your trail to help fill in any missing gaps in data from your GPS. Photos often contain GPS time stamps to help validate your incredible skill.

Fastest Known Time trail endeavors are traditionally done alone. Self-supported missions allow hikers to utilize the resources that are available to everyone. There are also “supported” trails that allow hikers to complete trails with the assistance of a support team, and “unsupported” trails are done without any outside help.

Some areas are so far in the woods that GPS supported device may not function properly. They can quickly lose battery power attempting to search for service, so it’s important to practice using your devices and know their limitations.

Joe Grant is currently the website’s biggest record holder. He has taken on 57 different peaks in Colorado and hiked over 14,000 feet. He explains how Fastest Known Time achievements are thrilling, but the experience of traveling the peaks far exceeds all else.

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