GPS Tracking for Pallets

21 Nov 2017

GPS asset tracking for pallets can mean a world of difference for your organization when it comes to keeping track of valuable items in your warehouse. Today, the technology behind GPS tracking has evolved, making it an essential tool for helping your business operate more efficiently. These are just a few of the numerous ways GPS tracking for assets can help you grow your business.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

The fewer items that are lost in translation, misplaced, incorrectly mailed, or arrive late; the happier your customers will be. This translates into higher customer satisfaction ratings and more repeat business for you. In the world of shipping, repeat business is your bread and butter so keeping your customers happy is the real secret to success. GPS asset tracking means that you can quickly locate the pallet where specific items are located for a faster and more efficient shipping process.

Reduced Labor Costs

Most businesses have no idea how much time is spent attempting to locate misplaced items on any given day. Using GPS powered tools for asset tracking means there is no more time wasted trying to locate missing items because your workers are led straight to the items in question each and every time. This alone will help reduce overtime, improve efficiency, and cut costs associated with labor for your entire organization.

Improved Loss Prevention

Lost and stolen goods is a widespread problem for businesses that house large volumes of inventory, such as warehouses and distribution centers. GPS enabled asset tracking can help to reduce theft and lost items in the warehouse while also improving the rates of recovery when entire pallets or designated high-value items go mission. This helps your business cut costs related to insurance and dissatisfied customers and helps to reduce careless handling of merchandise and theft among your employees.

Identify When and Where Items are Offloaded During Delivery

Sometimes mistakes happen and the wrong pallets are delivered to the wrong warehouse. It happens. Other times, they are deliberately removed from trucks during meal breaks and even while drivers are sleeping. When you use GPS tracking for pallets, you can identify the location where the items were taken and track them in real time to aid in the recovery of these items.

GPS tracking for pallets may be a new idea, but it is one whose time has certainly come. Not only can it save businesses a tremendous amount of money in lost or stolen merchandise, but can also help warehouses operate more efficiently when it comes to distributing these items as well.

If your warehouse handles expensive items on pallets, GPS tracking can give you peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive an alert via email or your smartphone whenever the pallet is moved. Tracking shipments and pallets with GPS tracking technology means that you know where your pallets and shipments are at all times.

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