GPS Tracking for Large Fleets

8 Jun 2017

Large fleets often have several hundred vehicles or more on the road at any given time. This can create a logistical nightmare even when things are running smoothly. Add in complications like weather events, major traffic jams, and any number of obstacles along the way and dispatch can quickly become bedlam.

That is why GPS fleet tracking is so critical for large fleets that are operating on the road today. These are just a few of the key benefits it provides.

Automates the Maintenance Scheduling Process

The more vehicles you have on your rosters, the easier it becomes for essential things, like maintenance, to fall through the cracks on one or more of your vehicle. That is why GPS fleet maintenance tracking is so important for large fleet operators. It automates the process so no vehicle gets left behind – extending the life and usefulness of all the vehicles in your fleet and saving you a great deal of money over the life of each one.

Improves Driver Safety

There’s nothing quite like knowing you’re being monitored for things like safe driving, not speeding, and sticking to your route to keep your drivers on the straight and narrow. The added benefit is that it helps improve driver safety – keeping your drivers healthy and injury free while protecting your vehicles, your cargo, and your profits. It can also help to reduce your insurance costs.

Reduces Overall Costs

The larger your fleet the more expenses it seems to accrue. Many of these expenses could be easily and considerably cut by investing in GPS fleet tracking. Things like fuel costs, labor costs, insurance, tickets, and even some accidents could be reduced with more efficient routing and greater driver accountability – both of which can be enhanced with the aid of GPS tracking.

Helps Your Company go Green

GPS fleet tracking systems can reduce a great deal of paperwork that many businesses struggle to maintain and put into order. Eliminating the amount of paper your company uses can go a long way toward reducing your carbon footprint over the course of a year. Add to that, the reduction of driving time, maintaining optimal speeds, and improved maintenance records and you’re looking at fewer emissions as well. This helps you feel good about your contributions and can help your customers shop with confidence that you’re doing your part to help the planet too.

Considering all the benefits fleet tracking has to offer your large fleet, isn’t it about time you take advantage of them? If you’re new to GPS fleet tracking, give us a call here at LiveViewGPS and we’ll answer your questions. 1-888-544-0494



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