GPS Fleet Tracking and Maintenance

12 Oct 2022

Although fleet maintenance checkups are essential to prevent high costs and possible liability down the road, they can take up a lot of your time, diverting your attention from other important matters. Luckily, there are simple and easy-to-use software like GPS tracking that automate the monitoring process so you don’t have to.

You can purchase GPS fleet tracking for your vehicles to make preventative maintenance and monitoring of your fleet much easier and less time-consuming. The time for manually logging all of the maintenance for each of your vehicles and figuring out when you should maintain which vehicle is over. So you can free up your time for more important issues while eliminating any room for error.

GPS fleet tracking has advanced significantly in modern times. It not only allows a business owner to monitor the driving of every vehicle in his or her fleet, but it has also taken on the role of providing vehicle diagnostic reports along with automated maintenance scheduling.

GPS fleet tracking software monitors miles and time on the road, scheduling and alerting you when you should conduct a checkup or maintenance on any of your vehicles. This not only saves you time and headaches from checking odometers and scheduling everything yourself, but it makes sure that no problem goes unnoticed and you know exactly when maintenance should be done.

This means that the odds of maintenance-related accidents happening with GPS fleet maintenance are significantly lower and your vehicles will therefore last much longer. Not only that, GPS fleet tracking can help you to optimize your business as a whole. Here are two ways that GPS fleet tracking can improve your business:

  • Route optimization: GPS fleet tracking makes finding the fastest and most fuel-efficient route easy. Plus, route optimization can divert drivers around dangerous weather conditions and heavy traffic.
  • Monitors driver behavior: It’s hard to know how your drivers are acting out on the road, but not with GPS fleet tracking. You can monitor driver behaviors, including hard accelerating, hard braking, speeds, and more to see which drivers need additional instruction.

Here at LiveViewGPS, we have many GPS fleet tracking and fleet maintenance management options to choose from.  Contact us to discuss the best solution for your fleet needs.  1-888-544-0494


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