Why Use GPS Tracking for Company Cars?

7 Aug 2019

GPS tracking for company cars is about so much more than just making sure your employees are actually working for your business when they are out of the office. It offers many more benefits that can be vital for the safety of your people and to protect the good name of your entire organization. These are just a few reasons your company needs to use GPS tracking in company cars.

Ensure Safer Driving

GPS fleet tracking allows you to not only monitor the location of your company cars, but also to monitor driving speeds, swerving, aggressive driving, idling, hard braking, and other activities that indicate unsafe driver behaviors. It’s not always easy to see what your drivers are doing when they are out of sight, but GPS tracking allows you to know how your drivers are driving so you can address problem driving quickly.

Provides Precise Location for Accidents and Breakdowns

Accidents and breakdowns happen. Unfortunately, drivers don’t always know exactly where they are when accidents do occur. GPS fleet tracking allows you to pinpoint the location of drivers so help can arrive quickly and to the right location. When there are injuries, prompt attention can mean the difference between life and death. Even without injuries, getting your drivers out of harm’s way and vehicles repaired quickly can be important for your business. GPS tracking can help.

Discourages Off-Book Use of Company Vehicles

The last thing you want is to learn that employees have been conducting side hustles in your company vehicles. Employees using your vehicles for side hustles and moonlighting gigs can cost your company big money if they are in an accident or sued for their actions in company-owned cars. Not only that, after-hours work by your employees decreases their productivity and effectiveness when working for you. It can also lead to impaired driving and greater risks for accidents. GPS tracking can monitor use of company vehicles after hours to ensure that this isn’t happening.

Monitor and Automate Maintenance Scheduling

GPS fleet tracking also allows you to keep up with the maintenance scheduling needs of all your vehicles without relying on drivers to do it. Routine maintenance helps you to avoid preventable accidents and breakdowns by keeping vehicles in prime running condition. GPS fleet tracking can automate the process, saving your company precious time and money, not to mention reducing the number of accidents and breakdowns for your entire organization.

Just a few reasons your company can’t afford to go without GPS fleet tracking to keep monitor company vehicles.

If you’re looking to install a GPS tracking solution for your company cars, give us a call here at LiveViewGPS and we’ll help you pick out the ideal solution for your needs.  Call us at 1-888-544-0494.

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