GPS Tracking for Commercial Dumpsters

2 Aug 2018

GPS asset tracking for commercial dumpsters can be a key factor for improving and automating your business — especially when dealing with roll-on, roll-off containers. It’s about so much more than simply locating your dumpsters at any time. With GPS tracking and RFID, you can manage your entire business more effectively.

Reduce Paperwork

GPS tracking allows you to manage rental agreements and more without exchanging one slip of paper. Rental agreements can be signed electronically. Drop offs and collections can be monitored more efficiently to generate accurate billing and improve customer satisfaction.

More importantly, GPS tracking for assets with RFID provides more accurate information than relying on drivers to record, and actually deliver, the information accurately and in a timely manner.

GPS can even store historic data for you to use to generate reports based on the use of your commercial dumpsters and demand for your units, so you know when to consider increasing your supply.

Plan More Efficient Delivery Routes

This means your drivers can drop off and collect dumpsters more efficiently. Saving you fuel and reducing your labor costs. Drivers are one of your larger investments. Just imagine the boon for your business if each driver could work one or two more deliveries and/or collections into their daily routes.

GPS routing allows you to maximize the efficiency of each route so that fewer trips are wasted and more is accomplished each time your drivers leave your facility for deliveries and/or collections.

Automates the Dispatch Process

Your time is valuable. If you’re like many business, planning routes by hand, you may spend hours each day planning pickups and deliveries and adjusting routes to accommodate new orders or reprioritize existing orders. GPS software can manage the dispatch responsibilities for you, freeing up your time for more profitable pursuits on behalf of your business.

Create Geofencing Alerts

Additionally, you can establish geofencing alerts to notify you instantly if your dumpsters are moved from their current locations. This means you’ll learn of thefts, pranks, and other possible problems as they happen. Allowing you to track your dumpsters, in real time, and notify authorities of their locations to facilitate swifter recoveries.

GPS tracking obviously won’t solve all the problems your commercial dumpster business faces. But, it can be used to free up your valuable time and mental attention so you can come up with solutions for the other challenges your business faces. With that in mind, why haven’t you made the move to GPS asset tracking for your dumpsters?

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