GPS Tracking for Classic Cars

27 Jun 2016

Classic cars are a strong target for thieves. Aside from the joy ride factor of driving in muscle cars of yesteryear, stealing these classic vehicles can be quite lucrative, as well.

One reason for this is the high value of the parts in older cars. A well-connected thief could make more money from selling the parts of the classic ride than you could likely bring in by selling the entire car.

These are a few things you might want to consider for keeping your classic car safe from theft or, at the very least, to make your classic car a far less attractive target.

Install GPS Tracking on Your Classic Car

GPS tracking not only serves as a useful tool for tracking and recovering cars that are stolen, but it is also quite effective as a deterrent for those interested in stealing an older vehicle. Most classic car thieves are after an easy target with a lower likelihood of capture. Classic cars ordinarily fit the bill. When GPS tracking for cars is added into the mix, though, it presents a new challenge many thieves are disinclined to face.

It will certainly give thieves interested in a low-tech target pause and may be enough to turn them off your vehicles onto another one instead. In the event your classic car is stolen, GPS tracking capabilities improve the odds of a successful classic car theft recovery by a great deal.

Drive a Manual Transmission

We have finally reached the stage, as a society, where fewer people know how to drive a manual transmission vehicle. This offers a substantial deterrent to thieves that fall into this category. It’s difficult to steal a car that keeps stalling in the parking lot, after all. While it sounds crazy, choosing a manual transmission rather than automatic greatly reduces the risks of a car being stolen.

Choose Dealerships and Restoration Shops Carefully

According to Condon Skelly, classic car dealerships and restoration shops are locations from which classic cars are commonly stolen. That is why it’s so important for classic car owners to seek out reputable dealerships. Ask around among other, trusted classic car owners, to find dealerships and restoration shops where other owners have had repairs or sales performed without incident.

In addition to the protective measures mentioned above, protecting your classic car from theft often begins with parking your classic car in a locked garage, always locking the doors of your classic car, and storing the keys in a separate location from the locked car. You’d be shocked by the number of auto thefts that occur because the car was left unlocked with the keys stored somewhere inside. Taking these steps, along with the addition of GPS tracking for classic cars is a great start to reducing your risk of a stolen car.

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