GPS Technology Leads to Precision Agriculture

2 May 2016

Instead of farmers having to treat their fields uniformly, they are now benefiting from being able to micromanage their fields. Growing in popularity today is precision agriculture due to access of high technology tools the agricultural community has at its disposal that are more cost effective, user-friendly and accurate.

Earlier, farmers had difficulty tying in crop yields and production techniques with land variability. This hindered them in being able to develop highly effective plant/soil treatment techniques that could improve their production. Now, they are able to apply and better control herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers with more precision which produces a higher yield, reduces expenses and creates a more eco-friendly farm.

How GPS Tracking Devices Support Agriculture

GPS tracking for agriculture and farming makes work more inexpensive and efficient. This tracking system can help you succeed in this competitive business industry. It uses detailed data that helps you manage your farm more efficiently and make wiser choices for your business. You get real-time data about your crops and equipment with this live technology.

Some ways that GPS can benefit your business are as follows.

Farming Becomes More Efficient

GPS tracking can make your farming more efficient since there are no approximations or guesswork that you have to rely on. You get automated services and accurate numbers instead which reduces how much work you have and how much time your staff spends on raising crops.

With GPS technology, you can:

  • Control your tractors to maintain fields and plant crops without human labor.
  • Communicate with staff better since it pinpoints their exact locations.
  • Track your crop yields to have a better understanding of where it is stored and how much you have.

These are just some ways GPS makes farming more efficient.

Reduce your Agriculture Expenses

Since you don’t have to supervise GPS agriculture monitoring technology, you are able to utilize fewer workers to manage larger land areas. This reduces your hiring costs and minimizes the risk of inexperienced employees having an on-the-job injury which can result in worker’s compensation costs and expensive hospital bills.

Increase Productivity

Agriculture GPS tracking can help you to:

  • Monitor and keep workers on task.
  • Review past performance so you can create efficient plans.
  • Track your farm equipment and vehicles so you are not wasting time searching for missing items.

You have a lot of stiff competition in the agriculture industry. The people you see succeeding are usually those who implement advanced technology like GPS agriculture tracking. If you manage or own a farm, you can better serve your crops and employees with this technology to keep you on top and more competitive. Call LiveView GPS at 1-888-544-0494 for a demo or to talk to us about how it can help in your agriculture or farming business.



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