GPS Fleet Tracking for Insulation Companies

17 Oct 2018

Whether helping people prepare for the blistering heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter, your insulation company is always on the go delivering the goods that keep American homes comfortable throughout every season.

Cutting costs is difficult to do when customers want everything now, now, now. But it is possible for you to do with the help of GPS fleet tracking for your drivers. Here’s how the right GPS fleet tracking system can help your fleet deliver the goods and keep your customers happy while cutting costs and keeping your profits high.

Greater Accountability for Drivers and Team Members

When your insulation installers are out of sight, you have little knowledge of where they’re going or what they’re actually doing with their time unless you have GPS fleet tracking. You can use GPS tracking to monitor driver’s whereabouts and set up alerts when drivers stray off course. You can even monitor the amount of time they spend at specific insulation installation sites. This keeps your drivers on task and on route to where they’re supposed to be.

Provide Better Billing Transparency

Because you can pinpoint, through GPS tracking the precise arrival and departure times of your insulation team, you can provide customers with exact billing information involving the amount of time your crew spent at their homes or businesses. This creates happier customers, who don’t feel as though they’re being fleeced and solidifies your reputation as a business that operates with integrity.

Encourage Safer Driving

One unintended consequence of having employees drive vehicles that represent your business is that their actions behind the wheel do affect the reputation of your business. If they drive aggressively or recklessly, it reflects poorly on you and damages your business in the eyes of members of the community who observe these bad driving behaviors.

GPS fleet tracking allows you to monitor your installers when they’re behind the wheel. You can even create alerts that will send you notifications via email or text message whenever certain driving behaviors are observed. This helps you stay on top of bad driving, so you can protect your good image.

GPS tracking may not solve all the possible problems insulation businesses face, but it can address many of them. It may also save you enough money that the other problems won’t seem as insurmountable. Have you tried GPS fleet tracking for your insulation vehicles? Maybe now is the time to make that change.

If you own or manage an insulation business with a fleet of vehicles, talk to us here at LiveViewGPS about how GPS fleet tracking can improve your business efficiencies and more. 1-888-544-0494

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