How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Help with Employee Litigation

19 Sep 2017

GPS fleet tracking is becoming prevalent in fleets around the world for the many benefits it offers. What you may not realize, though, is that GPS fleet tracking can be an invaluable tool in your defense when employees bring legal action against your organization. It can also be instrumental in helping you make your case when it comes to litigation against your employees as well.

These are a few ways your GPS fleet tracking system can aid in your defense or support your claims.

Track Employee Movements

GPS fleet tracking can record the movement of your vehicles at all hours of the day and night. This offers you the ability to know where your drivers are at all times – meaning you can track their hours working for you, their GPS locations, and even time they’ve deviated from the routes you’ve assigned to them so you can hold them accountable for personal business they may be taking care of on your clock.

One of the common issues raised against businesses today involves claims of workers not being compensated for the hours they work. GPS fleet tracking can verify the times your employees were on the job for you over the course of years. Helping you keep up with the paperwork and documentation necessary to defend your business when litigation occurs.

Record Employee Behavior Behind the Wheel

Sometimes, claims will be made against your company for property damage or accidents involving your business vehicles that never took place. The assumption by some unscrupulous people is that you will settle out of court rather than go to the expense of defending your business or the difficulty of proving you weren’t somewhere at a given time.

Fortunately for you, GPS doesn’t tell tall tales and you can easily prove that your fleet vehicles were not in vicinity of said incidents and accidents thanks to this useful technology in your vehicles – saving you from unwarranted legal action against your business.

Maintain Digital Records for Years

The most important benefit you have to gain from GPS tracking for fleets, when it comes to litigation, is that it allows you to keep digital records of GPS information for years. This means you don’t have to worry about losing invaluable information over the course of time that could aid in your defense from certain claims. You will have access to the resources you need to aid in your own defense – even when charges are levied years after the claimed offense occurs – a time when many organizations no longer have the records to prove their innocence.

GPS fleet tracking offers many benefits that go well beyond saving money and saving the planet for your business. You can actually consider GPS fleet tracking an investment in protecting your long-term financial interests and your good name.

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