How GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair Fleets

22 Mar 2018

garbage truck gps tracking

It can be a dirty job installing and repairing garbage disposals, but we are oh-so-glad you’re here to do the heavy lifting for those of us who don’t know a pipe wrench from a flange. The fact that you come equipped with all the tools of the trade is enough to make some homeowners sing with glee that they don’t need to figure out what all the pieces and parts mean. But, would you believe that GPS fleet tracking can help your garbage disposal installation and repair company sparkle and shine? These are just a few benefits this critical service has to offer your business.

Use GPS Barcode Scanning to Ensure Accurate Delivery of Products

Not all garbage disposals are created equal. Some of them cost hundreds of dollars. The last thing you want to do is mistakenly install the costlier version in the wrong house. That could waste several hours of labor and end up costing your business big. GPS barcode scanning helps to prevent these types of mistakes and provides a system to double check the products to make sure the right disposal product is installed in the correct home.

Plan Routes Quickly and Efficiently

No matter how carefully you plan your routes by hand, human error can take a toll. GPS fleet tracking not only keeps up with the newest road openings and closing (so you’re always working with accurate maps), but it also helps to track slow traffic and reroute your garbage disposal repair and installation technicians while they are on-the-road. The best part is that you don’t have to rip up an entire day’s schedule when emergency calls come in. GPS handles them seamlessly incorporating them into existing routes for the day with minimal disruption.

Notify Customers of Delays

One of the most important things you can do for your customers waiting on technicians to repair or replace their garbage disposals is keep them apprised of what is going on. Your GPS system can be set to automatically notify customers of changes in the schedule and the revised appointment time. This might not seem all that important, but it provides peace of mind to customers, and creates customers who are loyal to your garbage disposal repair and installation business for life. Since most companies like yours offer more than one service, that can mean a huge amount of repeat business and recommendations for you.

GPS fleet tracking is an excellent tool for boosting profits, improving customer service, and keeping your costs in check. See what it can do for your business today.

If you own or manage a garbage disposal repair or installation fleet, contact us here at LiveViewGPS to discover more of the benefits of GPS fleet tracking for your business. 1-888-544-0494

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