How to Protect Your Farm from Farm Equipment Theft

1 Apr 2019

According to Heritage Land Bank, farmers are disproportionately affected by crime. Unfortunately, the crimes most commonly carried out against American farmers can have financially devastating consequences — especially when they come in the form of farm equipment theft. There are steps you can take, though, that will help protect your equipment and your investment in it, including those listed below.

Use GPS Tracking for Agriculture

GPS tracking can not only notify you, instantly, if your farm equipment is removed from your property (or even started up after hours), it can also provide life tracking information so law enforcement can track the location of your farm equipment to aid in its swift recovery. While farm equipment theft is critical at any time of year, it is especially critical during busy planting and/or harvesting seasons where even the loss of one day of usage can be devastating. The faster you can recover your equipment the better it is for your farm. GPS tracking is the best way to ensure prompt recovery.

Lock Your Equipment Up When Not in Use

Most farm equipment thefts are crimes of convenience. Thieves see the equipment out in the open, get in and drive off, or load it on their own trucks and make off with it. Once upon a time you could safely leave your equipment unattended with the keys in the ignition. Those days are gone forever. Keep your farm equipment locked up safely when not in use and save yourself the trouble, hassle, and financial fallout of costly equipment theft.

Make Your Equipment Identifiable as Your Equipment

Not only does this serve as a huge deterrent to thieves who count on the fact that farm equipment all look alike so it is difficult to prove the theft of a particular piece of farm equipment. However, if you have your farm equipment decked out in bright colors, marked up with your farm’s logo or brand, or even with identifying information etched in inconspicuous places, your equipment can be identified and returned to you when recovered.

Finally, don’t forget to invest in security for your farm. This includes cameras and other surveillance equipment that is operational and recording during daylight and dark hours. The more steps you take to protect your farm equipment, the less attractive it becomes as a target for thieves. These tried and true methods can save you a lot of grief and aid in the recovery of your farm equipment if it is stolen.

If you’re considering getting a GPS tracking solution for farm equipment, contact us here at LiveViewGPS to discuss your options. Call us at 1-888-544-0494.

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