The Benefits of Using Geofences in Your Business

2 Jul 2019

For many businesses, the idea of geofencing remains a bit of a foreign concept. You might feel it is something largely unnecessary for you and your business. Some business owners feel it is only necessary for businesses that have high-dollar assets.

But once you get down to it, all businesses have valuable assets of one kind or another. Assets that need to be protected. Geofencing through GPS tracking is a smart way to accomplish that goal. These are just a few benefits your business can enjoy by using geofencing wisely.

Reduce Equipment Theft

Far too many businesses focus on using geofencing solely to secure inventory and forget about the valuable tools, machinery, and equipment your business owns and operates. Even expensive hand and power tools are often stolen, accidentally, by employees who stick them in their pockets to free up hands and forget about them.

The costs add up over time. But with geofencing, you can get an alert anytime when tools and other equipment leave a designated area along with notifications regarding their geographic locations.

This helps make employees more mindful of the tools they have on them and greatly improves the odds of rapid recovery of items stolen intentionally by thieves outside of your organization.

Eliminate Time Theft

Time theft is another problem businesses are seeking to address when employing people who work out of sight. You can set up off-route alerts to notify you when drivers deviate from assigned routes. This allows you to address the problem and eliminates the use of company time to manage personal errands by your employees. Bottom line is that geofencing allows you to be confident that your employees are on task and on target.

Improve Efficiency

When you can be certain that all people and all equipment are in their assigned location your entire operation works more efficiently. Geofencing not only helps to reduce the number of people going home with equipment, but also provides an accurate indication of where various tools and equipment are located.

This means you can be sure the right tools are at the right place to get the job done. Plus, you can be sure that your people are there to get the job done too. It’s a win for your business.

Whether you are looking to stop losing money to lost equipment, misplaced equipment, or employees running personal errands on your dime or you’re interested in improving organizational efficiency, geofencing is an outstanding tool to help you accomplish your goals.

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