GPS Advanced Fleet Management AFM-6200

8 Mar 2008

Everyone knows that to run a successful business you have to be able to manage your employees well.  However, if you have a business where your employees are constantly out on the road, it can be quite a feat to try to keep track of them to make sure that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.  Not anymore.  I have found the perfect solution to managing your employees wherever they may roam… investing in the AMF-6200 GPS vehicle tracking system. 

“The AFM-6200”

This wonderful little device allows you to keep tabs on where your employees go while using the company’s vehicles.  It allows you to keep tabs on your employees from just about anywhere, all you need is a computer and you can log in to the web based program.  I took some time to really check out this program and found it to be extremely simple and easy to use.  It walks you through setting up each individual vehicle that you are going to monitor.  The program allows you to keep track of all vehicle information such as VIN number, make and model of the vehicle as well as license plate number and it has the capability of keeping track of when maintenance is due on any vehicle.  All you do is install a GPS beacon on each vehicle, log into the system and for each beacon that you have set up the specific scenarios that you want to be alerted to for each vehicle.  These scenarios include things like monitoring speed, when the ignition is on or off and you can even set the system to alert you should the beacon on the vehicle be turned off at any time.  Keeping track of your business is now as easy as logging into the website and seeing all of your employees on one screen. 

Think about it, by using a GPS vehicle tracking device businesses will be able to know exactly where employees are at all times as well as what is happening with each vehicle.  This means that companies are able to monitor the exact route driven, how many times the car was turned on and off, how many miles are driven on a daily basis, and driving habits of employees.  There are no more guessing games with using a GPS tracking device.  Employers will be able to make sure that the employees are practicing safe driving habits as well as save money in the long run by eliminating things like leaving cars idle for long periods, not missing important maintenance on a vehicle and making sure that employees don’t stray from their jobs.  

If you are running a business where your employees are out and about on a daily basis, then you will definitely want to invest in this smart tracking system.  Not only will you be able to keep track of employees, but how nice it would be to tell clients that your employee is only 2 miles away from them.  Take some time to check out the AMF-6200 for your business needs.  It is worth every penny that you spend.  Buy The Advanced Fleet GPS Manager At LiveViewGPS

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