How Eco-Friendly Companies Benefit Even More from GPS Tracking

5 Sep 2019

GPS tracking offers many benefits to eco-friendly companies. Some of the benefits help in bigger ways than you may realize at first. These are just a few benefits your eco-friendly organization can enjoy by adopting GPS tracking in your fleet vehicles.

Organizational Accountability

Beyond planning more fuel-efficient routes for drivers, GPS fleet tracking holds drivers accountable to sticking to those routes by notifying you instantly if they deviate. This helps you reduce your fuel consumption, as an organization, by traveling fewer miles in a day. Reduced fuel consumption means you’re spending less money on gas, emitting fewer emissions, and limiting the carbon footprint involved in getting your goods to market.

Offer Greater Transparency

Transparency is a big deal to eco-friendly consumers. They want to take their businesses to organizations that offer them a true image of the supply chain picture involved in obtaining raw materials, manufacturing goods, and getting those goods to the market. Using GPS tracking in your fleet vehicles, allows you to offer your customers the opportunity to watch your products as they move from one place to the next, giving them greater transparency and building trust along the way.

Reduce Idling

Believe it or not, idling isn’t as harmless as you’ve been led to believe. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, you can prevent the release of one pound of carbon dioxide into the air for every ten minutes of idling time you reduce each year. Multiple that by an entire fleet of vehicles and your efforts to reduce idling can go a long way. How can GPS fleet tracking help with that? By monitoring your drivers’ times behind the wheel and notifying you when they idle for a certain amount of time or longer. This allows you to address the problem immediately, as it is happening to create change within your organization that is good for the planet.

Monitor CO2 Emissions

Carbon dioxide is a primary culprit when it comes to global warming. By monitoring carbon dioxide emissions in fleet vehicles, you can notice patterns that seem to generate more of these emissions and ultimately learn how to prevent them. This simple task can be instrumental in helping your fleet get CO2 emissions under control, so you can drive with confidence that your vehicles are doing as little harm to the planet as possible.

As you can see, GPS tracking goes a long way toward helping your eco-friendly company support its own convictions by adopting pro-planet behaviors in your driving, supply chains, emissions and more.

If you’re looking to make your company more eco-friendly, take a good hard look at GPS tracking. Call us here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494 if you have any questions.

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