The Benefits of Geofences for Businesses

27 Aug 2018

Most people have heard the term geofencing in references to pets. What you may not know, though, is that this technology can be used by businesses as well. In fact, there are many reasons you may want to consider using geofencing in your business, whether as part of your GPS fleet tracking efforts, inventory management, equipment monitoring or countless other purposes.

What is a Geofence?

A geofence is a geographic boundary you establish indicating you don’t want specific assets to go outside that boundary. The assets must be equipped with GPS tracking devices for a geofence to work.

They do not, necessarily, need to be vehicles, though vehicles are certainly one of the assets you may wish to monitor. Other assets might include things like:

When these assets are taken outside the geofence boundaries, you will receive instant alerts through text message or email, notifying you that the item is outside the prescribed boundary. This way, you can monitor its location and find out what’s going on.

How Can You Use Geofencing for Your Business?

Aside from the method described above, there are numerous ways businesses can use Geofencing to make improvements, including those listed below.

  1. Improve payroll with accurate logs of driver arrivals at the ends of their shifts.
  2. Reduce insurance costs by reducing the risks of threat and improving the odds of recovery when they do occur.
  3. Create promotions whenever customers enter your business or approach your business boundaries using GPS.
  4. Manage and monitor employee territories and prevent unintentional (or otherwise) encroachment.
  5. Notify you if employees enter restricted areas (either with badges or with vehicles).
  6. Keep your drivers on course and on route. Prevents them from conducting personal business on company time and keeps them from wasting fuel with unscheduled side trips.

The possibilities with geofencing are nearly limitless. Depending on the type of business you conduct, you may find an infinite number of possibilities for using geofencing to improve profits, reduce waste, and protect your inventory, equipment, assets, and personnel.

Using geofencing in combination with your GPS fleet tracking system can help your company find new ways to save money, increase productivity, and improve customer service. All these things are instrumental in driving your business into the future and keeping you one, or more, steps ahead of your competitors. See what a difference it can make for your business.

From machinery theft and unauthorized usage to vehicles going out of pre-defined boundaries, here at LiveViewGPS, we have a GPS tracking solution that will keep you protected. Call us today at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more.

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