Atlanta Dealership Recovers Theft of Five High-End Cars through GPS Tracking

7 Feb 2018

On Christmas Eve, six men were caught on surveillance camera doing a little shopping of their own – for luxury vehicles. Only these men had no intention of paying for their purchases, choosing to abscond with five high-end vehicles from Atlanta Fine Cars located in Jonesboro.

Thieves cut through the gates earlier in the day and then returned around 7:30 that evening before selecting their cars and driving away.

The men made off in the night with a fine selection of vehicles that included a BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes, and two Bentleys. While the theft occurred on Christmas Eve, it wasn’t until workers returned to work following the holiday that staff from the dealership were able to assist police in locating the vehicles through the use of GPS tracking devices in the cars.

Two of the five vehicles were located in Dekalb county and all five suffered from substantial damage. Police are actively investigating the accident but there have been no arrests made in the robberies. Police continue to seek assistance in identifying the men who committed the crime and a reward is offered for those who help.

Thanks to GPS tracking for cars, though, the police were able to recover the vehicles for the business, which is a reminder to all dealerships of the importance of considering GPS tracking – at least for high-value vehicles that make attractive targets for thieves.

If it hadn’t been for the holiday, perhaps the police would have been able to recover the vehicles before the extensive damage had been done to them. Another consideration for dealerships is to invest in GPS tracking services that send out instant notifications or alerts when vehicles move during designated “rest” times. This would have notified management immediately of the thefts so that instant action could be taken that may have recovered the vehicles before any damage had been done.

Time is critical when theft is involved. GPS tracking can be instrumental in the swift recovery of vehicles and other valuable items when thefts occur. The key is to notify the police quickly, so that they can intervene to recover your vehicles and arrest the person or persons responsible when possible. You should never to attempt to stop or confront thieves on your own even if you do have GPS tracking to assist you in locating your stolen goods.

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