Arizona Company Uses GPS Tracking to Thwart Employee Insulation Theft

13 Dec 2017

use gps tracker to catch thief

A company in Mesa, AZ was able to successfully nab workers who were stealing thousands of dollars in insulation.

According to police reports, a worker and an unnamed accomplice worked for an insulation company in Mesa, AZ.  The worker called into his place of employment saying that he needed a ride. The accomplice was given permission to use a company vehicle to pick up the employer up and bring him to work.

The truck the accomplice used had 79 bags of insulation stored in it. Each bag of insulation cost the company an estimated $100. When the truck returned to work, there were only eight bags remaining. According to court records, the insulation that the two men stole was valued at more than $15,000, and they may be responsible for even more thefts.

According to police, the Mesa insulation company used GPS tracking to pinpoint the location of the truck. They noticed that the truck made a stop at locations in Phoenix. After obtaining a warrant, the police located 71 bags at the location. According to the company, the retail value of the insulation that was stole was an estimated $15,000.

After the police arrested the worker, he reportedly told the police that he and his accomplice sold the insulation for $1,280 and divided the money between themselves.

After the company reviewed the tracking history of the truck’s GPS device, it was discovered that Vidales and his accomplice stopped at the location where they sold the stolen insulation four times over a period of three months. Upon further investigation, other locations where stolen insulation was stored were also discovered. Both Vidales and his accomplice were at these locations a total of 21 times.

Vidales has been charged with theft and trafficking property stolen from the insulation company. There is no report of the charges that his accomplice is facing. The police are conducting further investigations to determine if the two men are, in fact, responsible for the theft and trafficking of more stolen property.

Thanks to the GPS tracking device that the truck was outfitted with, the Mesa insulation company was able to successfully catch the two alleged crooks and locate the property that they stole.



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