Are Your Employees Burdening Your Business With Hidden Expenses?

8 Jun 2008

If your business involves employees doing their jobs without being under your watchful eye, then you could be losing money.  If your employees are constantly out on the road doing their work daily, and not sitting in the office, they are most likely racking up expenses.  Yes, you heard right.  By not knowing exactly where your employees are at all times during the work day, can you be sure that they are doing their jobs?

Think about it.  With the rising cost of gas prices to almost over $4 dollars a gallon across the U.S. if your employees are taking a detour off of their route then they are costing you money.  If they are driving back and fourth for customers instead of mapping out their route and taking the more efficient course, then they are costing you money, not only in fuel costs but also in pay.

So what are you going to do about it?  As a savvy business owner, it will be important to invest in a GPS tracking system that will allow you to know exactly what is happening with your employees at every minute of the day.  By investing in the right GPS tracking system for each vehicle that your company owns you will be able to keep track of where your employees are, how long they are at one place and if they should deviate from their route.  Think about the savings!  You won’t have to pay for any more wasted gas or time.

Don’t end up like so many businesses hurting in this terrible economy. A GPS tracking device can and will save your company hundreds of dollars in overtime costs as well as fuel costs.  You will be able to more efficiently dispatch your employees to your clients.  You will be able to send the closest vehicle to the customer rather then sending someone from across town.   You will be able to let your client know exactly when to expect someone as well.  Think about the implications of such great customer service… referrals for more clients which in turn means more money for you.

Another big thing that the GPS system can do is monitor things like idle times and speeding of your employees.  Both things will cost you tons of money in gas. Going 5 to 10 miles over the speed limit will cause the vehicle to suck down 3 to 5 gallons more per mile then doing the speed limit.  Idling a vehicle for 10 minutes is the same as driving 5 miles.  If your employee makes 10 stops a day this means that they are essentially wasting about 25 miles of fuel or up to 100 dollars in gas a day (with the gas prices hovering around the 4 dollar mark).  Both of these things can be avoided if you have a GPS tracking system in place for your business.  All you have to do is to program your GPS tracking system to alert you should your employee speed or leave the vehicle idle for longer then 4 or 5 minutes.  You will then be able to contact the employee and let them know to either slow down or turn off the vehicle.  Think of the cost savings for fuel.

If you don’t think you need a GPS tracking device for your business, think again.  Keeping track of where your employees are and the amount of fuel that they are using is but a fraction of what a GPS tracking system can do for your business.  Check out LiveViewGPS for more ways for your Business to save.

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