9 Out of 10 Teen Car Crash Involve Teens Who DIdn’t Take a Drivers Ed Course

29 Aug 2019

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, the safer drivers are those who take driver’s education classes. A study in 2018 from the Oregon DMV found 91 percent (9 out of 10) teen driver crashes were teen drivers who hadn’t taken driver’s education classes in order to receive their license.

David House, Oregon DMV’s spokesman stated, there is better driving behavior, fewer citations and fewer crashes among teenage drivers who take drivers ed and it lasts throughout their adulthood.

The study showed that drivers between the ages 15 to 20 years old that received driver’s education only made up 9 percent of crashes during that span in that age group.

A 2017 preliminary report in Oregon showed 44 drivers between the ages 15 to 20 years old killed 51 people. And, according to the state, that would indicate 40 or 41 of those drivers didn’t take a driver’s education course, considering the statistics and data.

Other statistics show:

  • Teenagers have a higher probability of speeding and allowing shorter following distances than older drivers.
  • In 31 percent of U.S. teenage driver deaths, speed was a factor.
  • Drivers between the ages 15 to 20 years old had the greatest representation in fatal crashes due to speed in 2016 (32 and 22 percent) compared to other age groups.
  • Teenagers don’t consider it dangerous to drive five to 10 miles over the speed limit.
  • Risk of crash is at its highest within the first year drivers receive their license.

Lois Lents, who is with Pacific Driver’s Education, said the difference between students taking driver’s education and students who don’t begins in the classroom.

In her class, Lents is striving to create “thinking drivers” who will ask themselves the right questions when they’re on the road driving and will know how to respond to things they’re seeing around them.

One student of Lent’s, Ashley Allinger, said after finishing a six-month course at Pacific Driver’s Education and earning her license, it made a difference.

Regardless of whether you drive a lot, if you can take a driver’s ed course, do it, because being taught by a parent isn’t the same as taking a driver’s course.

Oregon does provide financial assistance towards a driver’s ed course for families that need it.

According to House, driver’s education classes are highly recommended because they’re seeing better outcomes with it. More training and experience behind the wheel means safer driving practices and habits on the road.

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