8 GPS Tracking Data Points You Should Monitor for Your Fleet

29 Nov 2017

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The holiday rush is in full force, and as a fleet business owner or manager, you still have to find ways to reduce costs, eliminate driver risks and improve efficiency. An effective tool to do this is GPS fleet tracking and many fleet managers are already taking advantage of this tool to optimize the transportation process and save money.

GPS tracking can be added to your fleet management system to help you coordinate and facilitate a number of transport-related activities like driver safety, regulation of drivers and comprehensive fuel management. Eight ways you can monitor your fleet using GPS tracking data are as follows.

  1. Speed of Vehicle

You can monitor your drivers’ behaviors when they are out on the road with fleet tracking GPS technology. For instance, if you have a certain driver who continually exceeds the speed limits, you will be able to take action to get them to start driving at safer speeds and obey the speed limits.

  1. Hard Braking

Your fleet vehicles endure a great deal of stress if you have drivers who brake hard. Along with this, hard braking can also affect your vehicles by:

  • wearing out the brake pads quicker.
  • overheating and damaging the rotors.
  • heating up and warping the brake discs.
  • adding more pressure to wheel bearings, suspension, brushings and ball joints.

Furthermore, more stress and friction can be added to the vehicle’s tires with this weight shift causing them to wear quicker. Additionally, it can also change the alignment angles causing changes in the contact patch of the tires and resulting in increased wear.

  1. Idle Time

You can’t avoid some idle time. Your fleet vehicles will have to stop and idle for a bit at red lights and other areas. But, if you have drivers who are idling excessively, it can negatively affect your resources and eat up fuel, labor and time without giving you a return on your investment. You can determine where and how often a driver idles with GPS fleet tracking so you can resolve inefficiencies.

  1. Hours of Service (HOS)

Keeping hours of service (HOS) paper logs can result in inaccuracies that lead to a decrease in business productivity and potential fines. GPS tracking technology can help you manage driver inspections and hours more easily to help you stay compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). GPS automates the process so your drivers do not have to log their hours manually and maintain paper logs.

  1. Maintenance Alerts

If your drivers procrastinate with vehicle maintenance, this can lead to you needing vehicle repairs which can cost you money. GPS tracking maintenance alerts can help you and your drivers stay on top of vehicle maintenance as well as alert you for things like when it’s time to have the tires inspected or a vehicle needs a tune-up.

  1. Miles Per Gallon

You likely know the importance of keeping track of fuel consumption and vehicle mileage. Low MPG can mean a number of things such as inefficient driving behaviors like hard braking and hard acceleration, leaky fuel lines or fuel theft.

  1. State-by-State Mileage

With this feature, you can coordinate all your fleet vehicles and track your vehicles’ state-by-state mileage. GPS even records trip and fuel expenses so you can generate trip reports automatically for further analysis.

  1. Optimized Routing

With optimized routing you can organize a vehicle’s route by taking all the stops and locations of a particular vehicle’s route and create the most effective and shortest route for your drivers. Save time for both your drivers and dispatchers which will result in more jobs being completed in a day and lead to better driver productivity, reduced fuel costs and increased service revenue.

Aggressive driving behaviors like speeding and hard braking is dangerous for both your drivers and other motorists. It can also lead to a damaged reputation and expensive accident claims. Fuel is a huge operating expense for your fleet business and driver productivity is vital to the success of your business. With GPS fleet tracking technology, you can track all these things to ensure your fleet business stays profitable.

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