The Consequences Of Hard Braking

17 Oct 2016

GPS tracker detects hard braking

Can hard braking damage your car? Yes is the resounding answer. According to Progressive Insurance‘s general manager, Dave Pratt, hard braking is one of the most predictive variables they use to predict future accidents and a main contributor to hard braking is tailgating.

The insurance company’s Snapshot helped them scrutinize over 12 billion miles worth of driving data in order to release their first Lead Foot Report.    This report takes a look at the average time and distance drivers take to stop completely when they are driving at various speeds.

According to this data, it’s probably a good idea that you leave yourself more room for your car to stop in order to react if a vehicle in front of you suddenly stops. This data shows in an aggressive  one percent of stops that it takes 12 seconds for drivers to stop completely when driving at 60 MPH. A gradual one percent of stops take the drivers 40 seconds driving 60 MPH and around 24 seconds is the average drivers time for stopping.

Hard Braking Consequences

When you brake hard, almost every part of your car will experience stress. Additionally, hard braking results in your:

  • brake pads wearing out quicker
  • brake discs to heat up and warp
  • rotors becoming overheated and damaged
  • ball joints, suspension, wheel bearings and bushings to experience more pressure

Not to mention, the weight shift adds more friction and stress to your tires and causes them to wear faster. Under these conditions, your alignment angles can also change which causes a change in the tire contact patch and leads to increased wear.

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

Fleet operations that have field service workers working for them need to ensure maximum safety precautions so they can demonstrate that their top priority is safety and avoid liabilities. GPS tracking can help with this.  Take a look at one of our GPS trackers that detects hard braking!

You can use GPS fleet tracking systems to monitor not only the harsh braking habits of your drivers, but also use it to reduce rapid acceleration/deceleration, speeding and accidents. This technology revolutionizes workforce management in various ways including improving safety, providing job completion proof and increasing their bottom line. This is a win-win solution for not only the fleet managers but for the drivers as well.

To learn more about how GPS fleet tracking can help with idling, contact us here at Live View GPS at 1-888-544-0494.

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