5 Ways to Help Your Fleet Drivers Stay Awake While Driving at Night

11 Nov 2020

Many drivers have gotten behind the wheel drowsy after a poor night’s rest or long day and think they’re fine. The problem with drowsy driving, particularly if you drive a lot, like fleet drivers do, it can be dangerous.

As a fleet manager, it’s important you implement strategies that can help your fleet drivers to stay awake while they’re driving. It’s not hard to understand the dangers of drowsy driving since each year there are 100,000 vehicle accidents due to drowsy driving, according to the National Safety Council. Here are five ways you can help your fleet drivers stake awake while driving at night.

  1. Spread Awareness

Awareness is the perfect place to start if you’re looking to protect your fleet drivers from dosing off while driving. Spread awareness through regular fleet training and make sure your drivers know and understand the risks associated with drowsy driving.

  1. Take Necessary Breaks

Fleet drivers often take as few breaks as possible when they’re driving so they can finish up quicker. However, if your fleet drivers are tired on their drives, it can be dangerous for them to skip breaks. Adding a couple of short breaks during their day won’t substantially change how much time they spend driving, but it could help them get through their drive with more energy and fewer tired spells.

  1. Use GPS Fleet Tracking

Use GPS tracking to help with potentially dangerous driver behaviors like speeding, harsh braking and aggressive driving. GPS tracking also helps with:

  • Real-time GPS tracking: Stay updated in real-time on the locations of your fleet vehicles through watch-in-progress routes so you can divert resources or allocate change in real-time.
  • Alerts and geofencing: You can designate geofence zones and have alerts and reports sent to you if your vehicles leave the locations you specify.
  • Time tracking: Track and monitor job progress and have real-time job completion confirmation sent to you in real-time.
  1. Provide Strategies to Your Drivers

Openly communicate with your drivers is an essential part of managing a fleet. Talk about ways they can stay alert when they’re driving. Encourage your drivers to:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Pack snacks
  • Plan regular breaks

These, among other strategies, can help keep your drivers awake while driving.

  1. Encourage Your Drivers to Eat Healthy Food

Many drivers are guilty of filling up on energy drinks, coffee, candy, soda and fast food when on a long drive. These all may keep your drivers awake temporarily, but they’re not the best way for your drivers to stay awake in the long haul. Junk food can make your drivers feel bloated, nauseous and mess with their digestive system, making it hard for them to drive safely. Junk food can also make them feel sluggish and sleepy as caffeine or sugar starts wearing off.

Before your drivers hit the road, they should consume a meal with plenty of fiber, protein, and vegetables. Healthy food’s vitamins and minerals, like B12 and magnesium, can help to stave off sleepiness naturally.

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