5 Summer Weather Industries that Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

31 Jul 2017

GPS equipment tracking can be a huge boon for businesses that tend to operate during summer weather and with plenty of sunshine. If you’re like many seasonal businesses, you rely on a lot of tools and equipment to keep your business going. Tools that are often left unattended while your workers are busy and that sometimes, by mistake, go home in workers pockets, hanging on their belts, or in the backs of their trucks.

While the occasional screwdriver might not bankrupt your seasonal business, frequent instances of expensive equipment can put your business further in the red than you’d like. GPS asset tracking can help you keep track of expensive tools and equipment that isn’t easily replaced by helping you locate it at all hours of the day and night. These are five summer weather industries that might enjoy many benefits from GPS fleet tracking services.

1) Construction

Construction involves a great deal of big equipment that costs a hefty amount of money to replace. Using GPS equipment tracking and GPS powered asset tracking not only allows you to track the equipment, in real time, to assist law enforcement in its speedy recovery, but can also be used to notify you whenever the equipment moves during designated rest hours or beyond a prescribed perimeter.

2) Landscaping

Landscaping businesses are on the move at all times. While GPS tracking can help you keep up with your equipment on the go, it can also be used to help your drivers make it to various job sites quickly and safely with turn by turn directions and rerouting around traffic jams and road hazards.

3) HVAC/Air Conditioning

Not only can GPS asset tracking help you keep track of your people and equipment within your HVAC business, it can help your customers keep track of your drivers, too. After all, no one is more motivated to know when help is going to arrive than someone sweltering in the summer heat without air conditioning in their homes. This will save you from countless phone calls and keep your customers happy knowing when help should arrive.

4) Retaining Wall Contractors

Retaining wall contractors not only have equipment and materials your business owns that they carry with them on a daily basis, but are sometimes tasked with transporting materials, like bricks and stones, for customers, as well. GPS fleet tracking for retaining wall companies allows you and your customers to track their progress and warn of potential problems along the way, such as route deviations, longer than expected stops, and other potential problems.

5) Asphalt Companies

One other benefit GPS tracking provides to businesses, like asphalt companies, that operate during the dog days of summer is accountability. Not only does knowing they are being tracked help keep your employees on task and on schedule, but GPS tracking also provides an accounting of how long your trucks and drivers were working on their paving needs by providing GPS verification of their presence and the duration of their visit.

Not only do these five industries have much to gain by using GPS equipment tracking, but they also have much to offer their loyal customers by taking advantage of this technology.

Do you own or operate a fleet business in one of the above five industries or another summer weather niche? If so, contact us here at LiveViewGPS to learn how GPS fleet tracking can improve your ROI.



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