5 Mistakes to Avoid When Introducing GPS Tracking to Employees

11 Oct 2018

Introducing change to your employees is always difficult. It is especially so when many employees will view the changes as something to be used against them, like they may view GPS tracking as.

That’s why you need to be cautious in how you introduce the idea to employees and avoid these five mistakes at all costs.

  1. Keeping the News a Secret

When employees do find out, and they inevitably will, they will feel betrayed, mistrusted, and abused by you. It’s better to have a policy of openness and honesty with your employees by telling them the truth and listening to their feedback.

  1. Making an Announcement at the End of Business on Friday

This just gives them the entire weekend to sit and stew about it. The best policy is to make it a topic of discussion the first thing on Monday morning. Provide employees with information on how you intend to use the GPS and why you are making the switch.

Then allow your employees an opportunity to ask questions and get answers. A best-case scenario involves a follow-up lunch meeting on Wednesday to allow for additional questions once they’ve had an opportunity to sleep on the information a day or two.

  1. Introducing Your Plans Without an Explanation

People like answers. This isn’t something you send out in a memo and expect employees to accept and move on. It will require discussion and reassurance for most employees. Be prepared to deliver.

  1. Forgetting to Tell Them What’s in it For Them

If you really want wide acceptance from your drivers of your decision to switch to GPS tracking, then you have to offer some benefit for them. Whether it’s competitions to improve their numbers with specific financial rewards or you’re offering bonuses or raises for safer driving and improved performances (you’ll have to define the specifics and have the details quantified through your GPS system).

You will find it is much easier to drum up excitement for change when there are financial gains involved.

  1. Failing to Provide Facts and Figures

It’s not enough to tell your drivers life will be better with GPS and you will all live happily ever after. Give them hard data they can hold in their hands, look at, and go online and verify. Most of your employees will want to stand behind your decision, but they will also want to verify it on their own to justify standing behind you.

These things may not get everyone on board for big changes like GPS fleet tracking for your business, but it will help gain favor with some of the likely holdouts.

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